Utah Disaster Cleanup


Natural disasters can strike at any time: flooding, landslides, severe weather, and extreme temperatures are just a few common disasters affecting land, property and lives in the state of Utah. In many regions of the state, wildfires are also common, and can cause severe damage to your land and property. At Utah Disaster Cleanup, our disaster specialists are prepared to deliver prompt and professional assistance when a disaster hits home.

What Natural Disasters Affect Utahns?

Many natural disasters are associated with particular seasons, and though nature has a will all of its own, should a disaster strike your home or business, disaster services are available and can control the spread and minimize the damage that your property may have sustained in the disaster.

Common Disasters in Utah

  • Extreme rain & flash floods. Flash floods are common near rivers, streams and areas with uneven terrain and sloping land. Rain can cause severe damage to both structures and land formations, but addressing water damage as the result flooding early on will protect your property and increase the ease of restoration after the disaster.
  • Landslides. Flooding increases the risk of landslides (sometimes referred to as “mudslides”). In the event of a landslide, it is critical to act swiftly and divert the water and mud away from your property.
  • Avalanche and snow damageAvalanches are like landslides, except with a massive volume of tumbling snow; ground disturbances from human and animal activity can trigger avalanches. For those with properties at a safe distance from the mountainous areas, snow can still cause serious damage: snow is incredibly heavy and once it melts, it can cause water damage.
  • WildfiresUnfortunately, recent years have seen a spike in wildfires and the threat is especially high during the summer months when hot and dry conditions prevail.
  • Severe weather and extreme temperature. Depending on your home or business, severe weather conditions can cause serious damage, spanning everything from lightning and increased fire risk, to freezing pipes.

Some natural disasters, such as wildfires, landslides, and flooding require evacuation; for your safety, it’s important to have a plan in place, particularly if you live in a danger zone.

Disaster Cleanup Process

Mother Nature can be cruel. Fortunately, help is available. At Utah Disaster Cleanup, we provide full disaster cleanup and support. As industry specialists, we know the havoc that a natural disaster can wreak on your personal and business life. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide complimentary consultations.

For those suffering from water damage and flooding, our team provides reliable damage repair, remediation and restoration for the affected areas in your home. We also attend to fire and severe-weather related damage and our licensed and certified damage solution specialists are eager to step in, protect your property, and begin the restoration process.

Contact Utah Flood Cleanup Today!

Our company is dedicated to intervening swiftly and stopping the damage process in its tracks wherever possible. Though a flash flood or mudslide may not be preventable, damage control is the next best thing and will minimize long-term effects on your property and possessions. We offer fire, flood and mold remediation services and will carefully evaluate the unique needs associated with your property and any damage it has sustained. Contact us here, or give us a call at 801-876-5225. Your phone consultation and free inspection await.

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