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When you call Utah Flood Cleanup, your problem becomes our number one priority. Leave the hard work to us. We will make sure your property is restored to its original condition. Our team is the preferred Park City damage restoration company, focused on comprehensive solutions that quickly return your life to normal. Fire, water, and mold don’t have to be as damaging as they first appear to be. With the right team by your side, any property can be restored. Click here to read our latest customer reviews.
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  • 24/7 emergency services so you never have to wait for help when you need it the most
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What is the professional fire restoration process?

In a matter of minutes, your home can go from a pristine collection of memories to a shell of what it once was. Accidents happen. Once the initial shock has subsided, it’s time to take action. Reach out to your professional damage restoration experts and we will begin the process of returning your property to normal.
We first clear up what is able to be cleaned, from marks on the wall to debris. This thorough cleanse guarantees that no trace of damage is left behind to cause future problems. Next we  focus on eliminating any residue or smoky odors. Once complete, everything will be sealed to prevent any further odor problems.

Suffering from the aftermath of a flood?

There are four classes of water damage severity. These determine how your property will be restored.
The property is first sanitized, sterilized, deodorized, and dried. Once this is complete the property is monitored for a set period of time to make sure all problem areas were found and fixed. As soon as the moisture levels and temperature return back to acceptable levels, the water damage restoration is considered complete.

Have a severe mold problem?

Mold growth can occur after water damage, or even from putting a fire out. If mold is found in your property, contact us for professional remediation services. Mold releases microscopic spores into the air that can be lethal, so we recommend getting help as soon as possible.
In some cases rooms can be sealed off to prevent any spores from escaping. Our team uses a number of different methods to remove the mold from the walls and throughout your property. We then wipe down clean surfaces to prevent future mold growth.

Tips for homeowners after a flood?

Remember that your home will be unstable. Before rushing into anything, be sure to check the supports. This will tell you if the structure is ready to collapse. You should also be aware of any electrical equipment or broken, sharp debris.
Keep in mind that when a flood occurs, the water that came through was full of sewage water and chemicals from the roads. It is safe to assume that anything touched by the water is contaminated and should be thrown out.
Once we arrive on the scene, we can help you get restoration efforts underway. We will help prevent mold growth and remove any that have started to develop. Our goal is to keep you and your belongings safe throughout the process.
The aftermath of a major home or property disaster should not leave you completely helpless. Call Utah Flood Cleanup for immediate damage restoration solutions. We are on call 24/7 for emergency situations. Contact us now at (801) 416-2666 for a free consultation over the phone.

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