Layton Utah Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services

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Layton Utah Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services

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When your home is affected by overflowing sewage, it is imperative that you take emergency action. The elements contained within sewage and waste can pose serious health risks to both you and your family. When put in this situation it is best that any cleanup be handled by a professional sewage cleanup company.

We at Utah Flood Cleanup believe in putting the safety of our clients first. We will arrive as quickly as possible to resolve your issue

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Which Types of Water are Removable?

Generally, there are three types of water that can potentially cause harm to you and your home. The first, known typically as gray water or sullage, is water that has been recycled for secondary use. It is most often from baths, showers, sinks, dishwashers, laundry machines, etc. and is used for irrigation, toilet flushing and other common uses.

Black water is harmful and usually contains bacteria and fungi. It typically comes from flushed toilets. It can be very harmful to humans and pets and should be disposed of as soon as possible. On the contrary, clean water is backed up water, but does not pose an immediate threat to humans and animals. Clean water usually comes from overflown sinks or bathtubs, broken water lines, or leaking appliances. Although it doesn’t pose an immediate threat, it can develop into gray or black water.

Why call on Utah Flood Clean for your Sewage Removal Service?

We have everything necessary to safely resolve your sewage problem. We can extract sewage no matter where it is situated. We will not allow anybody into the affected area until all sewage has been cleaned up. Direct contact with any of the bacteria can lead to health issues.

We dispose of the sewage and waste in the safest way possible so that nobody is harmed in the process. We also treat property that has been affected by the sewage including, furniture, bedding, and anything else that has come in contact with the contaminated water.

In order to safely and confidently return to your home, a professional sewage cleanup service needs to be involved. Get professional cleanup and removal services today by calling (801) 416-2666.

We offer several Layton, Utah damage restoration services including: