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5 DIY Flood Cleanup Mistakes

Not Getting Started Fast Enough

Flood cleanup is one of those things that follows that old truism of early birds getting the good worms. In other words, the faster you get started with flood damage cleanup, and flood damage repair in Utah, the better (and more cheaply) it is going to go.

But the inverse is also true -- sometimes devastatingly so as the longer you wait, the harder and more expensive things can get. This is because the longer you allow water to pool and sit, and the longer you allow heavy debris to stay atop your home and personal items, the worse the damage will get. Water must be flushed out of things like your HVAC systems, gas lines, and septic system as soon as possible if you're to have any hope of salvaging them. The longer you allow water to sit on your flooring and submerge your walls, the more you risk the growth of mold and the onset of rot that will destroy your home's foundation and structure.

Tackling the Job Without a Cautionary Mindset

While acting fast is essential, it is also important not to just rush and go blindly onto a flood-damaged property. Yet, too many eager Utah flood repair homeowners do. Utah flood damage repair and restoration is the type of work that you absolutely must proceed with caution. Standing water can hide downed electrical lines that can cause an electric shock or even fatal electrocution. But that's only one of the many accidents that may befall someone who doesn't take the right precautions. Other common hazards include:

  • Sanitation issues due to a busted septic system or broken plumbing
  • Unstable or slick floor or building framing due to rot and other issues can lead to a slip-and-fall accident
  • Submerged water can hide glass and sharp metal objects
  • Broken gas lines can lead to dangerous fumes leaking in and throughout the home

Lacking the Proper Tools & Technique Experience

A mop is great for cleaning up spilled milk in the kitchen; it is not great for cleaning up a quarter-inch of standing water across your kitchen floor’s entirety. As they say, a tool for every job and every job a tool -- but only when you're specialized in flood damage, Utah repair and restoration are you likely to know what tools are right for every job. Furthermore, even if you have the right equipment, how well does the DIY homeowner know about effectively using it?

Forgetting or Overlooking the Smaller Details

When you are doing flood restoration Utah, every nook, cranny, and corner must be attended. This is due to the potential consequences of neglecting any moisture or inadequately cleaned areas, as it can lead to the development of mold, decay, and other undesirable complications.

Are you dealing with Water Damage in Your Home? Don't Make the Mistake of Delaying Too Long to Call the Professionals.

Finally, the fifth-biggest flood mistake we see newcomers and DIYers make realizes that they completed all the above errors and finally realize too late that they need to call in the professionals. While yes, an expert team can come in long after a flood and complete some good clean-up and restoration work, the damage left gone too long unattended often means permanent damage, which requires a full demolish and rebuild.

Recognize when a flood damage cleanup job is too big for you to handle and call in the experts. Fast.


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Where's the Water Coming From? 5 Areas of the Home Prone to Leaks

Though many people are correct to assume that home water damage can often result from inclement weather outside of the home, property owners should not underestimate the damage that can be done thanks to appliances and parts within the home as well. Our disaster clean up Utah services is standing by and ready regardless of the type of loss your property has endured. Below, we'll discuss some common threats that you should be aware of within your home itself:

5 Leak-Prone Areas in the Home

As mentioned, any water-using appliance or water-carrying part has the potential to leak and require the services of a professional water damage restoration company. Here are the areas of the home that you should be paying the most attention to:

Laundry Rooms

The washing machine is the most problematic water-using appliance in the home. This is because if a hose becomes loose or damaged, then the 15 to 30 gallons or so of water that it uses on an average load are likely to disperse elsewhere, potentially resulting in the need to hire a restoration water damage company to return any impacted area to pre-loss condition.

Basements and Crawl Spaces

If your home ever requires flooding clean up services, there's a good chance that it will be because the basement took on water. Basements, by nature, are problematic. Being that basements are on the lowest level of the home, they're also the place where water is most likely to intrude when it pools up around the home during periods of inclement weather or poor exterior drainage. Then there are appliances that are typically stored in the basement or crawlspace, such as the hot water heater, that are prone to leaking. Finally, if there are any blockages in your main sewer line, water will likely pool up in your basement through your weep tiles due to an inability to properly drain.


Whether it's the toilet or sink, the bathroom is a hot spot for leak activity. Toilets clog often, and when they do they could overflow. Sinks are another problematic area of the bathroom, notably the plumbing inside the vanity.

Showers and Bathtubs

Let's stay in the bathroom and move over to the shower stall or bathtub for this next one. While the plumbing and drains in these areas can be problematic, don't overlook issues with caulking and tile grout too. If any "soft" areas develop in these spaces, water becomes likely to seep through them, potentially damaging drywall and structural building materials, and even leaking down to damage ceilings on levels directly below the bathroom.

Wall Cavities

Plumbing pipes run hidden in wall cavities, which also becomes a problem when they malfunction. Some signs that you may have a hidden pipe leak in the home include an uptick in your water bill, mold spots growing on drywall, water pooling near floorboards, and damp drywall.

What are the Benefits of Professional Water Damage Repair?

Your Utah Flood Cleanup specialists are experienced in handling the toughest water damage problems. Working with our experts means you can rest assured that the repair and restoration process will go smoothly.

We will thoroughly assess the damage and get the repair work started fast. Time is of the essence in preserving your property and allowing you safe access to your home again.

We provide you with a complete evaluation of the damage and will not leave anything behind when we evaluate your property. We will let you know exactly what needs to be done for a complete recovery.

What Problems Can you Avoid with Immediate Restoration?

Our first concern with any kind of water damage is the potential for mold growth. Mold is a health hazard and the faster we get started with repairs, the faster we can stop the problem from spreading.

Timely water damage repair allows you to keep your replacement costs down for furniture and other items. We take care of any lingering water issues and give your furniture and valuables an excellent chance at a complete recovery. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can get back into your property.

Extreme weather can lead to severe water damage, as well as burst pipes and weakened plumbing lines. A burst water pipe will leak until the water is turned off. If the pipe bursts when you are not home, you may incur significant water damage. An overflowing toilet that is spilling waste and water into your home may also require professional water damage repair services.

Our Utah Flood Cleanup Water Damage Restoration Process:

  • Contact water damage restoration professionals – When you make contact, our Utah water damage restoration company consultants will guide you through some questions to assist us in responding to your water damage efficiently and quickly.
  • Damage assessment and inspection – Our SLC water damage company determines the scope of the water damage to develop a plan of action. We test and inspect the damaged area to establish the severity of damage to ensure complete restoration
  • Water extraction – Like most water damage cleanup companies, the water removal process removes most of the water.
  • Drying – After removing the bulk water, we utilize specialized equipment to dry out the remaining water. Our restoration water damage company in Utah uses dehumidifiers and air movers to draw out the remaining moisture.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning – Water damage affects your personal items like clothes. Our water cleanup company can clean the items that can be restored using various cleaning methods. We also remove odors and disinfect using microbial treatments.
  • Restoration – We then restore your home to its initial condition before the water damage by repairing the areas that were damaged by the water such as the walls and floors.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Water Damage Repair Company

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Water Damage Repair Company

Your Family's Safety and Health

When flooding occurs, whether from a natural source or from something like a pipe bursting in your own home, two things happen, and when they two, your family's health and safety are at risk. First, as soon as you have any, any standing water, you have a building that's structural integrity has been compromised. Secondly, that water isapt to become filled with harmful chemicals, bacteria, mold, and other types of harmful materials that you don't want you or your kids to be coming into contact with.

Instead, you want a water damage restoration company with the right tools and the right know-how to safely clean up the mess and return you to a home that is safe and healthy.

Fast and Efficient Repair and Restoration Services

Because standing water and water left flowing through your home can be so dangerous, it is important to get it removed and get started with disaster clean up Utah as soon as possible. However, flooding clean-up is no easy task, especially if this is your first time doing it. The water has to be removed, then the building's floor and framing have to be fully dried and treated, and a full inspection has to be done of all of the plumbing, electrical, and other home systems.

When you hire a Utah restoration water damage company, you hire a team that is equipped and experienced to provide the necessary work quickly and effectively.

The Right Equipment for the Job

It's not enough to know how to clean up a home quickly and efficiently, one also needs the right tools and equipment. As they say, for every job a tool and for every tool a job and when it comes to treating wood below the surface, you need some pretty heavy-duty, specific tools. Part of restoration services includes bringing equipment like highly-efficient drying machines that will ensure your home is accurately dried out to prevent future issues. Disaster clean up Utah professionals will have those tools either directly on-hand or will have the connections to otherwise get them quickly to your home.

24-Hour Water Damage Repair Company

While yes, the house itself is undoubtedly the most important part of your home, it is not the only thing that can be saved when you act fast with a disaster cleanup service. Professional restoration services can evaluate your home's furniture and other possessions and explain what can be saved, how it can be saved, and advise on those things that should be discarded.

What Happens After Water Damage Repair

While many incidences of flooding in Utah are sudden and unpredictable, some are not. Some can be prevented. For example, if part of your property experiences frequent flooding due to spring rainfall and an inability for the water to adequately drain quickly enough, then one good flood mitigation technique is the installation of a French drain.

While most flood restoration services won't complete flood mitigation services, they can help advise you on steps you should take after your home has been restored to prevent an encore. They will also give you a list of things to check over the next couple of months to ensure all underlying problems related to the flooding were taken care of.

Your Utah Flood Cleanup specialists are experienced in handling the toughest water damage problems. Working with our experts means you can rest assured that the repair and restoration process will go smoothly.

We will thoroughly assess the damage and get the repair work started fast. Time is of the essence in preserving your property and allowing you safe access to your home again.

We provide you with a complete evaluation of the damage and will not leave anything behind when we evaluate your property. We will let you know exactly what needs to be done for a complete recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Utah Water Damage Repair & Restoration

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