Commercial Mold Removal in Utah


When something happens to your business, your safety and the safety of your employees and customers may be compromised. Physical problems, such as prolonged rain, can lead to flooding, which can lead to the growth of harmful organisms that may include dangerous mold. Mold may eat away at the surfaces of your business. Some types of mold can also emit toxins as they grow, meaning that the very air your breath inside can be dangerous. In that case, it is important to consult with a professional like Utah Flood Cleanup and get help removing the mold.

What is Commercial Mold Damage?

Mold is a kind of fungi. Mold can grow in many places including outdoors and indoors. While mold can grow under many conditions, rapid mold growth is often seen when there is a lot of water around, such as the aftermath of a sudden snow melt. Mold also needs something to eat to grow and enough warmth to stay alive. Many species of mold can eat indoor materials such as wood and upholstery. Rapid mold growth may cause all kinds of problems. Your employees and customers can inhale the spores, leading to breathing problems. Mold spores can even get into a person’s eyes, causing problems with their vision. Mold may also settle on the surfaces in your business space, which can cause surfaces such as wood to rot. Your stored products may be unusable because they have been contaminated. Drywall and the foundation may have mold on them, which, if left unchecked, can mean the entire structure may not be safe to inhabit unless the problem is remedied quickly.

Commercial Mold Remediation

While mold may be very dangerous, there are ways to get rid of it and make the space inhabitable again.  A company that specializes in the process of mold removal can get rid of any mold and make sure no one gets sick once they have returned to work. The process of mold removal is one that requires multiple steps in order to make sure that the space is totally safe.

  • A remediation specialist will visit the site. Their purpose is to do a visual inspection of the entire space.
  • They will conduct tests to determine the type of mold present.
  • Once this is completed, the disinfection process can begin.
  • All materials that have been compromised by mold growth will be removed and disposed of safely. This may include items such as food and books.
  • After this process is completed, the remaining spaces are completely disinfected to remove any remaining mold.
  • Finally, the inspection team will thoroughly examine the entire space.

The ultimate goal here is to make sure you do not have to worry about any mold present in your place of business.

Utah Flood Cleanup is Here to Help You Get Back to Business

Utah’s #1 rated Disaster Cleanup Company for Water, Fire, and Mold Damage Restoration. Utah Flood Cleanup offers safe, effective mold damage removal and restoration. Contact our trained professionals at 801-876-5225. We offer a free phone consultation that offers detailed advice about how we can help your business. We provide mold removal and all necessary remediation efforts at a price well within any budget. Our trained professionals will come directly to your business. In addition to mold removal, we also offer other related services you might need in the event of a problem, such as  sewage cleanup, air duct cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning and commercial flood damage restoration. Contact us today!

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