Utah Flood Cleanup is a leading damage restoration company. Our team includes the region’s foremost experts in disaster restoration services for remediation of fire and flood damage, and of extreme mold growth. We are a locally owned disaster restoration company in Farmington UT. We provide meticulous cleanup, decontamination, reconstruction, and finishing work to meet the industry’s highest standards for damage restoration services.

We work directly for our customers, not their insurance companies. Our role with the insurance company is as an advocate for the homeowners and business owners we serve, ensuring that all damage repair and replacement that should be covered is accepted by the insurer.

If you are looking for professional water, fire, or mold damage restoration experts in Farmington, Utah? Call Utah Flood Cleanup for immediate solutions.

Types of Disaster Restoration Services Offered by Utah Flood Cleanup

We provide a full range of disaster cleanup, reconstruction, repair, and refinishing services for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. The scope of our work includes all remedial work necessary to restore building structures, exteriors, and interiors impacted by a disastrous fire, sewage flooding, mold, or other destructive events.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage due to roof leaks, sewer issues, ground gradient issues, foundation cracks, broken lines, etc., can cause flooding that leads to structural damage, electrical damage, extreme mold growth, and other losses. Blackwater flooding from sewage systems or gray water from sinks, tubs, or washer drain lines, etc., carry dangerous bacterial and fungal contamination that requires the very best water damage restoration company experts to protect health and safety.

Prompt water cleanup action is necessary to eliminate the extreme risks that pervade disaster environments in homes or commercial buildings. Our flood damage restoration specialists remove all water and damaged materials, meticulously decontaminate everything, thoroughly dry out the structure and anything that is to remain in it, and rebuild and refinish the property, fully restoring it to its pre-disaster condition or better.

Mold Damage Restoration

Flooding caused by a roof or plumbing leak, or undetected moisture from condensation or other causes can lead to the spread of mold. Thriving mold can threaten structures and impose an extreme health hazard. Building owners typically experience ongoing recurrences of mold growth even after repeated DIY attempts at mold eradication. Industrial mold abatement processes performed by experienced professionals are necessary to prevent mold from continuously reemerging.

Utah Flood Cleanup certified mold abatement specialists have the professional equipment, tools, processes, and expertise to eliminate all mold spores and conditions that promote re-growth, as is necessary to resolve the problem completely.

Fire Damage Restoration

Building fire disasters can leave areas of structures destroyed and unstable from floor joists to roof decks, electrical and plumbing lines disabled, surfaces layered with thick soot, and air filled with smoke odor. Living or workspaces become uninhabitable due to the extreme serious health and safety hazards in such disastrous conditions.

Utah Flood Cleanup fire damage restoration specialists have the industrial tools and equipment and professional experience necessary to correct all structural damage and impacted surfaces, utterly eliminate even the most intense odors from the building fire, fully restore structural strength, and meticulously complete all finish work.

Emergency Service Water, Fire, Mold Damage Restoration & Cleanup in Farmington, Utah

Damage Restoration Services FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the kinds of disaster restoration services that Utah Flood Cleanup provides.

Restoring a residential or commercial building damaged by fire, flood, or mold is quite different from regular home remodeling, repair, or heavy cleaning. Meeting restoration quality standards require specialized knowledge and experience, and the best available tools and equipment designed for drying structures, restoring surfaces, eliminating traces of smoke odor and residues, mold eradication, and other applicable industrial-grade processes.

Disaster restoration specialists use the current state-of-the-art industrial-grade equipment and tools needed to execute processes that produce a professional-quality restoration of structures impacted by disastrous levels of smoke or water or mold damage. Professional-quality structural drying, sealing, and quality replacement of components, for example, requires expert skills, resources, and applications.
Generally speaking, homeowner’s insurance pays for disaster restoration work. Depending upon particular circumstances, there can be some question of whether or not certain items may be covered. Our industry experts are well experienced in working with insurance company claims representatives as advocates for the home and business owners we work for on restoration projects, to make sure that every item damaged or destroyed in a building disaster is covered appropriately.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Damage Restoration Services

Carpets dry faster than other building materials. To discover whether or not a building meets the standard for being entirely dry and free from threat to structural integrity or risk of mold proliferation requires the use of moisture meters employed by experienced water damage restoration professionals.

Disaster cleanup services do not set our own prices. Every reputable restoration company uses Xactimate estimating software specially designed for industrial purposes. It is a legally mandated tool for insurance company claims adjusters. The program identifies appropriate prices, based on various standard criteria, some of which automatically update monthly.

Utah Flood Cleanup specialists work directly with the property owner’s insurance company, providing all precisely detailed claims information necessary, to ensure that all work and materials that are appropriate for the insurer to cover are all included in the claim and approved.

Why is Utah Flood Cleanup the Best Choice?

Our licensed professional disaster restoration team are highly qualified industry experts. We hold RRP Certifications, Certified Mold Professional designations, and structural drying and disaster restoration, including IICRC, WTR, CDS, ASD, CMP, and RRP. We also hold Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor and Asbestos Inspector designations.

  • We use state-of-the-art disaster restoration equipment, tools, and processes.
  • Our specialists apply today’s most advanced cleanup and decontamination solutions.
  • Our experts are available 24/7 for emergency assistance.
  • We offer a full two-year warranty on our workmanship.
  • We help with financing options.

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