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Need Help with Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Ogden?

Utah Flood Cleanup helps clean up and restore homes dealing with fire damage. We remove anything that has been affected by the fire as well as eliminating smoke and odors. Vital components to your home's structure that have also been damaged will also be treated so that you can safely reenter your home.

Utah Flood and Water Damage Services

If your home is suffering from water or flood damage, rest assured that Utah Flood Cleanup can help. We offer a FREE inspection on insurance-covered water damage events. Our very thorough home evaluation checks for any additional problems that may have arisen. We replace any support beams that have been saturated with water and pose a potential hazard to you and your home. We also remove excess water and moisture that can foster mold growth. We understand how important it is for you to return to your normal routine and that is why we work as quickly as possible to resolve your flood or water damage disaster.

Professional Utah Mold Remediation and Removal

Living in a mold-infested environment can be very harmful to you and your family's health. Upon arriving on the scene, we will perform an extensive inspection and evaluation of your property in order to find the source of the problem. We utilize a series of cleaners and tools that eliminate the mold and replace any items that may have been affected. The result is a healthier and safer environment for both you and your family.

We offer several Ogden, Utah damage restoration services including:

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Damage Restoration FAQ

After you receive clearance from the fire department and other safety officials, you will need to go into your home and document the damage done. This includes fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage. For fire damage in Utah, Utah Flood Cleanup can help restore your home.

This documentation will be important for your insurance claims. Every homeowner’s insurance policy can be a little different, but the more detail you have regarding the damage that was done by this disaster the better.

If your home has been involved in a fire, the fire itself is a major concern, but once it is extinguished, the danger is not over.  
  • The first thing to do is walk around the outside of your home looking for structural damage or obviously damaged power lines, gas lines, or damage to the structural integrity such as missing beams or foundational damage.
  • If you smell gas, evacuate your property immediately and call the fire department and your gas company.
  • Beware of smoke or embers. Even the fire department can think the fire is extinguished and leave, only to have the fire flare up again. Pay attention to things that still feel hot, or fresh smoke rather than damp and charred odors.
  • Sagging walls or ceilings can indicated danger. Get out of the structure if you see these issues.
In an effort to save a structure and nearby structures, a lot of water can be used to extinguish a fire. All of this water can cause damage to your possessions, and water can also cause structural damage as bad as or worse than the fire itself. Another problem can be mold. Mold and water damage can be even more frustrating that the actual fire if the homeowner doesn’t have a plan and a solution. We can help with flood damage in Utah.   Utah Flood Cleanup can help by reducing the risk of mold and structural Utah damage restoration. Working to reduce the moisture levels to make your home safe for your family.
Utah Flood Cleanup will get the proper authorization to service your property, then remove remaining water and damaged items like carpeting, ceiling tiles, and insulation damaged by water. Then our Utah damage restoration experts will use an EPA approved solution to reduce the risk of mold growth. Next we will evaluate the moisture levels to ensure moisture in your home is returning to normal so you can return to your life as normal.
It is said that the most important mold detectors you have are your two eyes and your nose. Observe baseboards, look in cabinets, and look in dark corners for signs of mold growing. Also, sniff around for the odor that mold gases give off. If in doubt, have professionals from Utah Flood Cleanup help remove your mold damage in Utah when we come in and test for mold.
Our certified Utah professional damage restoration specialists will use a special disinfectant on those surfaces that have been contaminated with mold. We will also use special HEPA filters which combat airborne spores. Then, any contaminated surfaces need to be replaced so the mold problems do not return.
Most insurance companies will help pay for damage from these issues. Nearly all homeowner’s policies make a distinction between flood damage and water damage—whether that damage was from emergency actions taken to save a home or your home suffered from a burst pipe. Generally, damage caused during fire-fighting will be covered the same as damage caused by the actual fire. Mold remediation is covered if the damage was caused by something specifically listed in your policy. Mold caused by a burst pipe will nearly always be covered. As a general rule, your insurance will help pay for remediation of damages from fire, water, and mold, and Utah Flood Cleanup is only too happy to help you get your home and your life back to normal.