Get professional sewage removal services immediately if a sewage backup occurs at your property or company. Because the water may contain viruses, germs, and other microorganisms that cause serious illnesses. The bacteria could affect your water, putting you at risk for hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and other illnesses. Clogged pipes can cause major property damage; sewer backups should be treated as an emergency.

This isn't something you can handle on your own. To solve this problem, you'll need to call Utah Flood Cleanup's team of water damage repair and cleanup professionals who have the appropriate training and equipment to deal with sewage removal and preserve your house from further harm.

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What is a Sewer Backup?

Floods are known for causing extensive water damage to homes and businesses. They can also cause sewage from sanitary sewer lines to back up into houses through drain pipes.

Sewer backup is a common problem we see all the time, leading to major headaches for homeowners and businesses. If you notice sewer water backup, it needs to be addressed immediately to prevent damage and reduce the risk of health hazards from sewage exposure. When sewer pipes break down or become clogged, sewer water may build up in your basement and drain pipes, leading to costly repairs and damage to your floors, electrical system, and valuables. If left untreated, water from sewer backup can lead to mold in your home or business.

What Causes Sewer Blockages?

Some reasons for sewer blockages are hard to detect before the damage has occurred, while others are easier to prevent. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of sewer blockages:

Solid Blockages

When you have solid things in the sewage system, such as diapers, rubbish, plastic, or other items, sewage will back up in the pipeline between the city main and your home.

Structural Problems

Over time, your sewage system and its pipes may wear down due to accidents or neglect. Misaligned pipes, pipe collapses, and cracks or holes are all typical problems that develop over time. These frequently lead to sewage overflows and necessitate repairs or replacement.

Nature's Infiltration

Tree roots may enter the pipeline at joints and spread throughout. The roots will frequently fracture and break the sewage pipes due to this.

City Backup or Surge

If the city experiences a backup in a sewage line, the wastewater can overflow out of the lowest opening. This could be the basement; the overflowing sewage wastewater can leave through the home's lower drains and toilets. 

Aging Pipes

Pipes naturally crack with time and require repair or replacement. If you own an older property, ensure you understand what material your pipes are and when they were last replaced.

What Kinds of Polluted Water Can We Help Remove?

Below are examples of the types of contaminated water that can affect your home through faulty plumbing systems:

  • Gray Water: This is also known as sullage and is generally defined as wastewater. This is water that is generated from washed hands in face basins, showers, and baths, which is then recycled for secondary use (for example, toilet flushing, constructed wetlands, and landscape irrigation). Gray water can also include water discharge from dishwashers, laundry machines, and kitchen sinks.
  • Blackwater: More unsanitary than gray water, black water contains harmful bacteria and fungi. Black water generally comes from sources such as flushed toilets.
  • Clean water: This refers to water that has backed up but does not pose an immediate or substantial threat to humans or animals. This type of backup originates from a tub or sink that accidentally overflows, broken water lines, or water leaking from appliances. Without timely treatment, clean water can quickly develop into gray water or black water.

How Do You Clean Up Dried Sewage?

You should not attempt cleanup of dried sewage due to a large flood of sewage into your home from a sewer line backup. Raw sewage is hazardous waste and must be handled by experienced professionals using proper PPE, industrial-grade sewage cleanup equipment and tools, commercial-grade disinfectants, and other supplies. If your home has been flooded with raw sewage, to safely and thoroughly clean up dried sewage, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Utah Flood Cleanup for a free estimate.
  2. Approve the start of the professional cleanup and restoration process.
  3. Prepare to enjoy having your freshly cleaned home fully restored to its pre-sewage-flood condition and our workmanship quality guarantee.

How to Prevent Sewer Backups

Many property owners incorrectly assume that the city will bear the costs of sewer backup, but this is not always the case. Unless the damage is due to a city main blockage or pipe breakdown, homeowners bear the responsibility of costs related to pipe repair or home damage. It’s a good idea to check your insurance plan to ensure coverage before problems occur since many policies do not cover flood damage to your home or business.

Best Practices for Preventing Sewer Backup in Your Home

  • Avoid pouring materials down your drains that can lead to clogging. This includes grease, butter, and bacon grease as well as foods like coffee grounds, eggshells, and raw flour
  • Avoid flushing paper towels, diapers, wipes, or other paper products
  • Switch to plastic pipes to prevent tree or shrub roots from growing into your sewer line
  • Ask the city to inspect your sewer main for illegal plumbing connections
  • Regularly clear debris from gutters and downspouts and make sure they are not connected to your sanitary sewer line

What Are the Benefits of Professional Sewage Cleanup and Removal Services?

Your Utah Flood Cleanup experts have the tools and equipment to effectively eliminate the sewage backup problem. Our team has been trained and certified to extract sewage from outside or inside the home. Attempting to clean up a sewage problem on your own can lead to health issues from direct contact with the sewage or prolonged exposure to the bacteria and other debris left behind.

Our specialists will safely remove and dispose of the sewage. This will not only ensure the safety of those in your home, but it will also ensure that others don't come in contact with the waste. We will ensure that all property infected by the sewage leak is properly treated. This includes bedding, furniture, and any additional items that may have been in contact with the contaminated water.

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Utah Sewage Cleanup Infographic - Raw Sewage Cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewage Cleanup

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Damage from overflowing sewage is an emergency. The elements in the waste and sewage pose as serious health risks. Because of the nature of sewage damage, any cleanup should be handled by a professional, whether the problem is inside or outside your home.

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