Utah Wet Carpet Cleanup Services

During the times of flood, water may get into your home. Flooding may also happen if your drainage system has a problem and is not able to drain the water away from the house. A burst pipe or a problem in the plumbing system may cause a similar problem. If you are faced with a flooding problem, it is good to take steps as soon as possible to prevent additional water damage to the house, electric shock and growth of mold in the house among other problems. Give our water damage cleanup professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup a call at 801-416-2666 to get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Most carpets are made of fabric that sucks in water and gets wet. Therefore, you may not just clean the carpet by sucking up the water. The lingering moisture may damage the underlying concrete or wood surface. Even if mold does not grow, you would have odor and indoor air quality problems.

How Do You Deal with Water Damage?

Once you have had water damage, it is important to ensure the safety of the family members. You may switch off the power supply system if there is a significant amount of water. It is also good to know the location of the valves in the house. If the problem is caused by a burst pipe, you can shut off the water at the valve.

Immediately call your house insurance company and tell them about the water damage. Your insurance cover can take care of some of the costs for restoring your home after water damage. After calling the insurance firm, contact the Utah Wet carpet Cleanup Services at Utah Flood Cleanup.

What Wet Carpet Cleanup Services Does Utah Flood Cleanup Provide?

When our professionals arrive at your home or premises, they look at the source of flooding in a bid to stop more flooding at home. Then, they extract the water using powerful vacuum systems. The carpet cleaning procedure depends on the type of the carpet in your home. A browning treatment and disinfection may be applied on the carpet to prevent water stains

We also check the hard floor for any signs of water damage. Again depending on the type of the floor different remedies may be applied. For example, we would recommend the repolishing of the wooden floor. We also remove from the house along with other items to prevent further damage.

Once the house is clean, our team uses dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of excess moisture that may be in the house. They do not leave the premises until the area has dried up. Moreover, we make periodic visits to the house to check for any signs of extra moisture. Once the carpet is dry, we reinstall it on the floor and put back the furniture

For Wet Carpet Cleanup Services, Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust at Utah Flood Cleanup Today

You may not do an effective wet carpet cleanup on your own. There are chances that mold would grow and your hard floor get damaged. Our wet carpet cleanup services at Utah Flood Cleanup are professional, licensed in Utah, prompt and dependable. We offer a 24/7 flood cleanup service, free consultation and a 5-year guarantee on our work. We will also help you file the compensation forms with your insurance provider. If you ever experience water flooding in your Utah home or office, contact us immediately, and we will help sort out the mess fast.

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