Pipe Leak Cleanup Services in Utah

Leaking Copper pipe - Pipe Leak Cleanup Services in Utah

The leak in your home or company’s plumbing was catastrophic, but at least it’s fixed. How are you going to clean up all the water damage? Utah Flood Cleanup offers the pipe leak cleanup services you need, with over 25 years of experience in these matters and 24/7 emergency service.

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Water Damage from Pipe Leaks Must be Treated Immediately

Standing water is a pernicious problem that only gets worse if left untreated. Water can seep into electrical conduits damaging critical systems. It can find its way into HVAC systems causing unsafe respiratory conditions. Moisture on floors, catwalks and other areas your employees use can cause significant personal injury through slipping and falls.

While standing water is an obvious problem, moisture that you don’t see can be even more destructive. It will continue damaging your property and will create health risks for your employees. As it soaks into wooden architecture, it will warp and weaken its structure. Doors that don’t close correctly and veneers pulling away from floors are the least of your worries. Wood rot can create dangerous working conditions leading to injuries as its ability to bear a load is decreased. Over time, rot can lead structural failure putting your company’s building at risk.

Similarly, the lifespan of furniture, carpets, and documentation are severely curtailed by water contact and moisture. Even worse, neglected moisture provides conditions for dangerous mold to form. Mold will damage your carpets, wooden structures, cardboard, paper and a multitude of other items to feed itself and grow. It is also endangering the health of your employees.

The Pipe Leak Water Damage Cleanup and Remediation Process

The faster water and moisture are removed from your building, the lower the likelihood of serious damage occurring to your property. Professional cleaners and remediators work quickly to dry and dehumidify your entire site. All affected areas including crawl spaces, conduits, and cable runs will be checked for standing water and damage, and then repaired as necessary. Water marred carpets, furniture, and appliances will be dried and cleaned. If necessary, damaged ceiling tiles, sheetrock, and other building materials may need to be repaired or replaced.

If mold is discovered during the cleanup process, we are certified mold removal & remediation specialists. Mold removal is a tricky process that involves specific tools and prescribed cleaning methodology. In addition to removing visible mold and mildew, abatement of mold spores is part of the process to make sure it cannot return.

If You’ve Experienced Water Damage from a Pipe Leak, Call in the Professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup Today

This is not the time to shy away from an experienced pipe leak cleanup service. While you may fear the monetary cost of such an endeavor, the cost of inaction is greater. Lingering damage to your building’s structure will occur. You’ll also risk the health of your employees through moisture-related injuries and respiratory illness. And then there are the significant health risks posed by mold.

Call Utah Flood Cleanup at (801) 416-2666. We offer free water damage inspection as covered by your insurance and guarantee our work for five years. We are certified by the RRP and provide many affordable options for financing.


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