Ogden Utah Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services

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Ogden Utah Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services

Call us for your sewage emergency

Overflowing sewage is definitely a cause for emergency action. Waste and sewage contain harmful elements that pose serious health risks. Because these elements can be so dangerous, it is best that any cleanup be handled by a professional no matter where the problem is situated.

The technicians at Utah Flood Cleanup put your safety first. We work around the clock to help you get through a severe home disaster.

Give us a call today and get your free phone consultation and free home inspection for insurance-covered water damage events.

We offer 24/7 emergency assistance and a 5-year warranty on workmanship. We have access to the latest technology and sewage cleanup solutions so you know that you are getting the best service around.

Types of water that we can remove

There are typically three types of contaminated water that can potentially cause harm to you or your home. Gray water (typically known as sullage) is usually defined by people as waste water and comes from water that is recycled for secondary use. It is often generated from showers, baths, washed hands and is then used for thing such as constructed wetlands, landscape irrigation or toilet flushing. It can also come from dishwashers, laundry machines, and kitchen sinks.

Black water is more unsanitary than gray water and contains harmful bacteria and fungi. It commonly comes from sources such as flushed toilets. Clean water, on the contrary, is water that has backed up, but isn’t an immediate threat to both humans or animals. The source of clean water is usually from a sink or tub that has overflown, a water line that has ruptured, or an appliance leaking water. If swift action isn’t taken, clean water can develop into gray or black water.

Why call on a professional cleanup and removal service?

The technicians at Utah Flood Cleanup possess all the tools and equipment necessary to safely eliminate your sewage problem. We are specially trained and certified to extract sewage no matter where it is located. We prioritize your safety and that’s why we advise you not to enter or clean an area that has been contaminated by sewage. Direct contact with sewage or bacteria can lead to health issues.

We dispose of the sewage and waste in the safest way possible so that nobody is harmed in the process. We also treat property that has been affected by the sewage including, furniture, bedding, and anything else that has come in contact with the contaminated water.

In order to safely and confidently return to your home, a professional sewage cleanup service needs to be involved. Get professional cleanup and removal services today by calling (801) 876-5225.

We offer several Ogden, Utah damage restoration services including: