Family Disaster Recovery Plan

FDRP-IconMaking sure that your family knows what to do in an emergency potentially means the difference between making sure everyone is safe and accounted for in event of a disaster or not knowing where family members or pets are when a disaster occurs. Making sure everyone is safe gives you peace of mind until you can return to your home. Having a family disaster recovery plan in place gives you that peace of mind in event of a flood, fire, tornado or other potentially life-threatening disaster.

Whenever a disaster occurs, Utah Flood Cleanup is available. Utah Flood Cleanup professionals know that disaster does not keep a 9 to 5 schedule; we are available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Family Disaster Plan and Why Do I Need One?

Having a family disaster recovery plan in place gives your family crucial guidance and action steps to help ensure that every family member is safe and accounted for, even if you become separated during a disaster. Families often make the mistake of assuming everyone can just run for the door in event of flooding inside the home or rising flood waters outside. You may assume that everyone will just meet outside after quickly escaping in event of a fire. However, that plan is virtually no plan at all.

Flooding can result in quickly-rising water suddenly rushing into your home. A fire easily causes thick, blinding smoke, making it difficult to see or breathe. Having a family disaster recovery plan in place gives the best chances for everyone to get out quickly and safely.

When Should I Make a Family Disaster Plan?

As the National Disaster Education Coalition points out, “Disasters can strike quickly and without warning.” Planning in advance gives your family the greatest chance of making sure every family member, including pets, are safe and quickly reunited. Making a disaster recovery plan involves more than simply making a plan for everyone to get out of the home. What if you are not with your family when a disaster occurs? How will you make sure everyone is safe if you become separated? Creating a plan that touches upon all potential variables in event of a disaster increases the likelihood that every family member knows what to do should a disaster occur in or around your Utah home.

How Do I Make a Family Disaster Recovery Plan?

A family disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and provides details on what each family member should do when disaster occurs and where each family member should go to reunite. Consider these other points, provided by FEMA:

  • Collect contact information for every family member. Include other critical contact information such as names and phone numbers of doctors, hospital emergency room, schools and service providers.
  • Share the information with every family member so they know what to do and where to look for family members should disaster strike.
  • Practice your family disaster recovery plan regularly.

Utah Flood Cleanup Can Help in Event of a Disaster

Utah Flood Cleanup provides emergency cleanup and restoration services 24/7. While flooding and fires remain the most likely, other disasters – including tornadoes – have been known to happen in Utah. Offering a full range of disaster recovery services, Utah Flood Cleanup restores your home to the condition it was in before the disaster. From smoke and fire cleanup, mold remediation and removal, and much more, Utah Flood Cleanup puts customers first. Contact us here, or call 801-416-2666 for a free phone consultation. Utilizing the latest technology at prices that will not break the bank, Utah Flood Cleanup provides top-notch, guaranteed family disaster recovery services.

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