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Going through a fire or flood can be devastating, and the stress doesn’t end once the flames are out and the water recedes. The process of restoring your home can be time consuming and stressful. That’s why Utah Flood Cleanup is dedicated to comprehensive water, fire, and mold damage restoration solutions. We are your local Provo damage restoration team providing a customer-centered approach to each and every project. We only provide quality results that will help prevent further problems from occurring. Click here to see what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.
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  • 24/7 emergency services so you never have to wait for help when you need it the most
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Looking for professional fire damage restoration services?

Effective fire damage restoration efforts begin with a thorough cleaning. With soot and smoke odors removed, it’s easier to identify any structural damage. We can also start determining what can be salvaged. It’s important to start this process immediately to prevent appliances and other valuables from becoming damaged even further.
Contact Utah Flood Cleanup today to get the fire damage restoration process underway as soon as possible.

What is our professional water damage restoration process?

As with fire damage, immediate response is vital for dealing with water and flood damage. If the water does not recede on its own, we will use sump pumps to remove the rest. Afterwards, powerful extractors are brought in to get the moisture out of building materials and carpet. Fans and dehumidifiers will be run to help bring down the overall humidity level and pull moisture out of wood and other surfaces. Finally, the damaged areas will be removed and replaced for stability and to prevent mold growth.
FREE water damage inspection if the damage is covered by insurance. Call us today at (801) 416-2666 to learn more. Remember to use caution when dealing with water damage. Standing water is more dangerous than it looks. There may be broken glass and other dangerous items in the water as things become displaced. If the water has reached an electrical outlet, there is risk of electrocution. If you can safely reach the fuse box, the power should be shut down.
With the proper safety measures in place, you can limit damage by getting personal items out of the affected areas. Move smaller furniture and other belongings that are still dry onto higher areas of the home. Taking these initial steps will help prepare the area for professional restoration services and expedite the process.

How can our mold removal services help you?

We understand that a mold problem doesn’t occur overnight, and the growth doesn’t start without some underlying factors. Serious mold growth cannot occur unless there is a water source. Our mold remediation team will look beyond the damaged areas to determine what the underlying problems are. We then create a remediation plan to outline how the mold will be removed, what areas must be replaced, and what steps will be taken to prevent the problem from recurring. During the remediation process, dust is minimized by misting the affected areas. Damaged materials are enclosed in plastic bags to prevent the spores from spreading, and the remaining area is rinsed clean afterwards. Contact us today for professional mold remediation services. This is especially crucial if you have just experienced a fire or flood in your home.

Additional damage restoration services in Provo:

Keep your property safe from further damage with professional restoration services. Call Utah Flood Cleanup today at (801) 416-2666. Ask for your FREE phone consultation and FREE water damage inspection (must be covered by insurance).