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Smoke and Fire Damage in a Living Room - Fire and Smoke Restoration - Utah Flood Cleanup

In some cases, fire damage is so extreme that large piles of soot and debris get left behind. Not only that, but smoke odors linger in every room of the property. Every major fire damage restoration project must be left to the experts. This is where we come in. Utah Flood Cleanup is your Utah smoke & fire damage restoration and repair team.

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What are the benefits of professional fire damage restoration?

The fire that damaged your home likely left behind smoke, soot, and stains that show up on the walls and ceiling. The fire has also likely weakened the walls, pillars, and floors of your property, which is a serious danger to your household.

Your Utah Flood Cleanup experts will assess the damaged area and determine the best solution to get your home back to normal. We will help you decide which items need to be replaced and which can be restored. Our professional evaluation will help with insurance claims as well.

How do we remove smoke odors and soot?

After a major fire, there are few air fresheners that are powerful enough to remove the rigid odors. Leave the solution to us. We have the tools and equipment to dissolve and completely remove lingering smoke odors.

To remove soot from walls and furniture, we rely on high-powered suction tools. We will also use professional-grade brushes and cleaning chemicals to extract soot safely from the property without causing further damage. Afterwards, we will apply a protective sealant that is specially designed for fire-damaged surfaces.

Utah Flood Cleanup is the team to handle any type of fire damage. Our experts will remove smoke odors, soot, and other debris left by a fire.

Professional fire damage restoration and repair is just a phone call away. Contact Utah Flood Cleanup today at (801) 876-5225 for immediate service.

Additional damage restoration services in Utah include:

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