Why Should I Hire a Professional to Inspect my Home After a Fire?


A fire can cause much damage to a person’s home. This damage can cause your home to become a danger zone. Weakened foundation, walls, and/or ceiling can cause your home to be unsafe for you to enter. 

After you have experienced a fire in your home it is important to hire a professional to inspect your house to help keep you safe and to help save you money.

Weakened by fire

The average house fire burns at about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This amount of heat can easily destroy your homes foundation. In the event that you enter your home after a fire and your foundation is damaged, you can possibly get hurt by falling through the floor. Also, your walls and ceilings pose a threat to you. These items could have become weak by the fire and as a result they may fall at anytime.

Entering a home with weak ceilings or walls can easily put your life in danger. These items can fall on you, causing you to have a concussion or other life threatening injuries. When you hire a professional he or she has the equipment and experience needed to inspect your home. They know what and where the dangers zones are and can avoid putting themselves in harm’s way.

Dangers of Smoke and Ash

In addition to the home posing a threat to a homeowner, smoke and ash from the fire can also be dangerous. The smoke from the fire can cause the damaged home to have an intense odor. If the homeowner decides to inspect the home by him or her, the smoke can cause and allergic reaction or it can even trigger an asthma attack.

The same can occur with the ash. If inhaled by the homeowner, this can cause a negative respiratory reaction. By hiring a professional this can be avoided. A professional has access to masks and other equipment that prevents one from inhaling dangerous odors and particles left behind by the fire.Fire Damage

Save Money

Hiring a professional to inspect your home not only helps you to stay safe but it can help to save you money. Professionals have a trained eye are able to effectively and efficiently inspect your home and learn what in your home is salvageable and what is in need of repair. If a homeowner inspects the home by his or herself, they may fail to see some items that are in need to be repaired or restored.

If these items were damaged by ash, then the ash could cause further damage to the property. Don’t let this happen to you, hire a professional to properly inspect your home.

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