Stay Safe Around The Campfire This Summer

Tourist Bonfire at Dusk in The Forest - Fire Safety and prevention Tips in Utah - Utah Flood CleanupOne of the best parts of summer is camping in the outdoors, and the experience wouldn’t be complete without a campfire. Just that smoky smell can bring back cheerful memories of roasting marshmallows, singing, and bonding with family and friends. Knowing the basics of fire safety is important to ensure that you and your family can enjoy these happy moments.

According to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, “Campfires are the nation’s leading cause of children’s camping injuries, and the primary catalyst for damaging forest fires.” In the state of Utah, there have been almost 400 human-caused forest fires in the year 2016 alone. Knowing this, we at Utah Flood Cleanup want to help you know what to do to prevent and manage any fire-related emergencies. If one should happen to you, our experts can help get your life back to normal.

Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

In many Utah counties this summer, conditions are so dry that any open fires except campfires are prohibited. It’s important to make sure your campfire is in a permitted area and that it is set up correctly.

  • Clear an 8 to 10-foot radius around your fire.Things you should make sure are not in this radius include: power lines, buildings, automobiles, equipment, shrubs, low-hanging branches, rotten stumps, steep slopes, chairs, food, garbage, and any other flammable objects. Keep in mind that the heat from your fire can rise much higher than the flames you can see.
  • Prepare a proper fire pit. If there is no pre-existing pit, dig a hole about a foot deep. If you don’t do this, the fire can spread through roots underground. Then, place rocks around the edge of your pit to create a barrier. Use dry leaves or grass as tinder, then start the fire with small sticks for kindling. Place logs in a teepee shape around that. Add larger, drier pieces as the fire grows.
  • Prevent the fire from causing harm. Avoid using flammable liquids to start your fire. If you use a match, make sure it is cold before throwing it in. Have water, dirt, or a shovel close by at all times so you can put out the fire at any moment. Never leave the fire unattended, and always monitor children and pets.
  • Put it out correctly.Always put out the fire before going to bed. Stir the embers and make sure the coals are cold. If using water, pour it on the embers until the sizzling noise stops. If it’s too hot to touch, then you shouldn’t leave it alone.

Managing a Fire Emergency

It’s always best to prevent a fire emergency, but it is also good to have some ideas about what to do should one occur.

  • Use stop, drop, and roll if your clothing catches fire.
  • If a fire is spreading, move furniture, flammable objects, and especially any children out of the way.
  • Use a soaked towel or tarp to smother the flames. Throw water at the edges.
  • If anyone sustains any burns, make sure the injuries are cooled and covered to prevent infection.
  • Most important of all, make sure to call the authorities if the fire gets out of control or if anyone is seriously injured.

Fire Remediation from Utah Flood Cleanup

At Utah Flood Cleanup our experts can restore your fire-damaged property from any odor, soot, stains, or structural damage. We can also help you with any damage caused by flooding, mold, sewage backup, and more. Contact us here, or call 801-876-5225 today for a free consultation.

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