Utah Damage Restoration Services

Facing a flooded home, mold problems, or not sure what to do in the aftermath of a home fire? Call your local Utah damage restoration experts at (801) 416-2666. We will be at your door in no time.


Damage restoration services are available 24/7 with Utah Flood Cleanup. We are your premier damage restoration team specializing in water, fire, and mold removal for residential and commercial properties throughout the area. Click here to read our latest customer reviews.

Read on for more on how we can help you recover quickly from these property disasters.

Why hire Utah Flood Cleanup?

  • Receive a FREE phone consultation and FREE inspection on insurance-covered water damage events
  • Enjoy a 5-year guarantee on our work
  • Experience unparalleled customer service
  • 24/7 access to damage restoration specialists
  • Financing available to fit any budget

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What is the professional water damage restoration process?

Have you recently had to deal with a flood? With our experts at work, you can rest assured that your property will be returned to normal as efficiently as possible.

We will first test and clean any mold that is present, as well as replace any flooring that has been saturated with water and at risk for mold growth. Electrical wiring will also be examined and replaced if it has been affected by water damage.

For fast service, look to Utah Flood Cleanup and we will make sure you receive the best solution.

Looking for fire damage repair services?

If your home has been affected by a fire, professional fire restoration is recommended. This is especially important if major damage has been sustained. Contact Utah Flood Cleanup for help. We will make sure your home is safe and secure before the project is complete.

What are tips for dealing with flood emergencies before help arrives?

Do you have a sump pump in place? Properties located near floodplains need this important device. The sump pump will help prevent water from flooding your property, particularly during heavy rainfall.

Keep out of the flooded area in case of an electrical current and contact us for emergency service. We will dispatch an experienced specialist to your home no matter the time or day so you do not have to be uncomfortable for long.

Need immediate mold removal or remediation?

Mold growth can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family. Call us for help. We will clear up the problem with a comprehensive inspection of your home, both inside and underneath, to identify all areas of mold growth. Once we have located the problem areas, we will get to work clearing the mold out and drying the affected areas to prevent further mold growth.

Get your property back to normal fast! Call Utah Flood Cleanup at (801) 416-2666 for immediate damage restoration services. Our work comes with a 5-year guarantee. Contact us today to get started.