Avoid Air Conditioning Fires This Summer

AC-UnitIt’s summer again, which means more stress on your air conditioner than any other time during the year. This is the season that many home owners wish they kept up with regular HVAC maintenance as malfunctions can cause their cooling systems to fail. What’s worse is that, in some cases, air conditioning units are prone to catastrophic failure, even to the point of causing a fire. The experts at Utah Flood Cleanup are trained in smoke and fire cleanup, and we know how devastating an air conditioner fire can be.

Air Conditioning Risk Factors

In the heat of summer, air conditioners suffer heavy use and are pushed to their limit. On warmer days, the unit may run for the entire day, rarely catching a break. Outdoor units as well as in-window units are essentially boxes of friction and electricity, and therefore serious fires do happen from time to time.

There are a few things to consider in determining whether your home and family are at risk of an air-conditioner fire.

  • Is your unit installed properly?

HVAC specialists do not come cheap, and there’s a reason for that. Your air conditioner is what protects your family from the heat of summer. Since it endures heavy use in the summer months, it is important that the unit be installed properly.

Approximately one third of all AC fires are caused not by the unit itself, but by the electrical wires and cables. Wiring installation is extremely delicate and, if not done by a trained and licensed specialist, you run a higher risk of a fire. Electrical work should never be attempted by an amateur.

  • Is your air conditioner being maintained regularly?

While air conditioners do generate cool air, the unit itself also generates heat. When the two mix, condensation occurs. There are many recorded cases of condensation buildup puddling around electrical wires or short-circuiting the unit itself. Water and electricity are a recipe for an AC fire. Regular visits from HVAC specialists can check for these kinds of problems, thereby eliminating a major cause of AC fires.

Reduce the Risk of AC Unit Fires

There are a few things that you can do as a homeowner to ensure your risk of fire is as low as possible, and you don’t need to be a trained HVAC specialist to do these simple checks.

  • Check for dripping water

As mentioned earlier, AC units are prone to dripping and water accumulation. Besides being a hotbed for bacteria and bugs, dripping water can penetrate your other electrical appliances to cause short circuits and potentially create a fire hazard.

  • Check for exposed wires

Since a third of all AC fires are caused by wiring, it’s a good idea to check wires regularly to ensure they are properly insulated. This is a simple check that is more relevant if you are using an older unit.

  • Use your nose

Friction fires caused by the rotation of the unit’s internal fan will create a strong, metallic odor before they ignite. Poor lubrication and tight or worn motor bearings are usually the culprit, especially in an older or overworked unit. If your air conditioner is experiencing excessive friction, contact a specialist right away.

Contact Utah Flood Cleanup for Your Fire Remediation Needs

If your home has been damaged by an AC unit fire, Utah Flood Cleanup can help restore it back to its original condition. We are experts at disaster cleanup and all of our work comes with a five-year guarantee. For the best disaster cleanup in Utah, call 801-876-5225 or contact us here to set up your appointment today.

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