What Are Some Signs of Water Damage in my Home?

Ogden CleanupThere are times that the plumbing or roofing in a house may fail. There are other factors that may contribute to water coming into the home which can cause damage.
Although the water may not be noticeable immediately it is there are some signs that a homeowner can look for when it comes to trying to find water damage spots in their home so that they can call a professional to remedy the situation.

Visible Signs of Water Damage in a Home

Water dripping from a ceiling or pooling on the floor is usually a sign that there is some sort of water damage going on in a home, but this is not the only way to see a problem with water damage. discolored ceiling tiles, ceilings, or dried water spots on the Sheetrock could also be a clue as to where the water damage exists.
Peeling paint from basement walls or crumbling mortar work could also show someone where water damage could exist. Very brittle or mushy Sheetrock is a tell tale giveaway as to where water damage could be.

Odors Can Indicate Residential Water Damage

Sometimes, it is not easy to find the damage that has been caused by water in a home. It may be in a place that is inaccessible so it will go unnoticed until the damage becomes so great that it manifests itself on a part of the house that a homeowner can see. For these instances, a good way to locate having water damage is by using one's sense of smell.
A musty smell could indicate water damage. Also, any kind of earthly smell could also indicate water damage and mold growth. It is very important for a person that suspects that they have mold in their house due to water damage to get the problem rectified as soon as possible so that it will not irritate any respiratory issues that members of the household may have.

Additional Damage Factors

Ogden Water Damage CleanupIf water damage can not been seen or smelled, it may be able to be heard. Homeowners should take time out to listen to what is going on in their house.
If they here any water dripping, or other strange sounds then it could be that either water is pooling in an area, or that other damage is occurring due to water damage.
This damage could be weakened ceiling supports, falling mortar from brickwork in the interior walls, or even electrical sparks due to the grounding of an electrical circuit via water.
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