Utah Fire Damage Restoration & Repair Services

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Ogden Utah Fire Damage Restoration & Repair Services

In extreme cases of fire damage, large piles of soot and debris can get left behind. An odor of smoke may also be present in one or several rooms of the property. It is best that these fire damage restoration projects be left to the experts. Fortunately, Utah Flood Cleanup provides exceptional fire damage restoration and repair services for all its Ogden Utah clients. Take a look at our client reviews by clicking here.

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Utah Flood Cleanup for professional fire damage restoration?

A house that has been fire damaged will often have smoke, soot and stains on the walls and ceilings due to the fire. It is also likely that the walls, pillars and floors of your home have been weakened and damaged.

As soon as we arrive to your home we will assess and evaluate the are and determine which steps to take to get your home back to normal. We will aid in deciding which of your valuables need replacing and which can be restored. Our professional evaluation will help with insurance claims as well.

How are smoke odors and soot removed?

Seeing as normal air fresheners are typically not powerful enough to remove the odors left behind after a major fire, it is important to call on a group of professionals. Utah Flood Cleanup possesses the tools and equipment to dissolve and completely remaining smoke odors.

Our high-powered suction tools as well as professional-grade brushes and cleaning chemicals remove soot from both walls and furniture without causing more damage. We then apply a special sealant made for fire-damaged surfaces.

Our professionals are prepared to take on any type of fire damage. You can rely on us to get the job done right and on time.

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