Ogden Utah Mold Removal & Remediation Services

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Ogden Utah Mold Removal & Remediation Services

As natural as mold is, it can be harmful if it starts to develop in your home. The tiny organisms that make up mold break down substances so that nutrients can be reused. These organisms grow on moist surfaces and if too much moisture finds its way into your home you can be sure that mold will be soon to follow. Fortunately, the team at Utah Flood Cleanup provides reliable mold removal and remediation for all of our Ogden Utah clients. We help you get rid of mold from your property so that you and your family can once again enjoy the comfort and safety of your home. Not sure if Utah Flood Cleanup is for you? Take a look at our customer reviews.

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We we get mold

Mold typically develops after some kind of plumbing leak or flooding incident, but it is also important to remember that mold can also spread by spores traveling through the air. It is able to use all sorts of materials as its food source including, but not limited to, wood, cloth paper, carpeting and food. Severe mold growth can be exceptionally different to completely remove. It is in this type of situation that a professional mold removal company needs to be called. Only they can be sure that all spores are removed and that further growth is curbed.

Utah Flood Cleanup provides top notch mold removal services. All of our damage restoration specialists possess the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done properly. We makes sure that the mold is completely removed so that future problems do not arise.

Where do problems usually occur?

Any organic substance has the possibility to grow mold. Items stored in a humid or wet environment will begin to develop mold. Drywall in rooms that have flooded will develop mold as well. Other areas that are often affects are books, carpeting, upholstery, cardboard storage boxes, and clothing.

The remediation process explained

Upon arriving at your home, our mold removal and remediation specialist will perform a visual inspection in order to locate mold growth. We will then run tests to confirm the type and extent of the growth. We then clean and disinfect all surfaces contaminated by the mold and remove what can’t be treated. In certain cases HEPA air filtration may be used to eliminate mold spores in the air. The final step is to inspect the area to make sure the area is clear of mold.

The technicians at Utah Flood Cleanup are licensed and certified to provide quality mold removal services. We possess all the knowledge and experience necessary to not only detect mold located in your home but to eliminate it using safe methods. We also provide you with lab results and reports on remediation efforts.

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