Office Building Damage Restoration Services in Utah

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Damage was done to commercial office buildings as a result of sewer and drain backup, smoke and fire, water and mold can make it impossible to work. It can also keep away customers. With the pressure of needing to get back to business and the possible risks of damage advancement if not treated early, you need a damage restoration service company that is fast and effective. At Utah Flood Cleanup, we are a disaster cleanup professional service in Utah offering the following services;

Office Building Flood And Water Damage Repairs

Water damage to a commercial business causes property and structures to deteriorate very fast. It can be even worse if it comes from unsanitary sources such as sewage and drains. You need to consider the following steps;

  • The first step is to find and stop the cause of flooding. It could be faulty plumbing, a roof leak or an overflow of pools or ponds. If not treated fast, flood and water damage can lead to additional problems such as the growth of mold, electrical faults, a collapse of ceilings, damage of floorboards, an attraction of termites and pests and further damage on a property such as carpets and furniture. This may obviously cost you a few more dollars and a lot of clients.
  • Call a cleaning service as soon as possible.Fortunately, our restoration for water damage is not only possible but also very effective. You may think that you don’t need professional services but that isn’t true. You may not be able to ascertain the true extent of damage on your own. A professional repairs service ensures that the repair and restoration process is smooth and comprehensive.
  • Our water damage cleanup professionals evaluate the extent of damage, contamination and the costs of repair or replacement.We act fast and work effectively to prevent any further damage as soon as we come in. We treat each water damage situation with a unique approach because all cases are usually different.
  • The next step is to start the process of cleanup and repairs.We use advanced technology methods to detect any damaged areas and repair them. We treat the business premises with disinfectant for health reasons and get rid of mold if any. If there isn’t, we put in measures to prevent its growth. We drywall, ceilings and other surfaces and repair the flooring. Any contaminated materials and items are appropriately discarded. In case there is another source that could potentially lead to water damage, we help take care of it to save you on future costs and inconvenience.

Office Building Mold Remediation

Moist surfaces often lead to the growth of mold. In case of flooding, a leaking roof or when you store damp items, then you are likely to experience a mold problem. Mold, such as black mold, can be a threat to both your structures and your health. It could lead to lung problems, itchy eyes, coughing and irritation of the nose and throat. It could also lead to immune and respiratory problems. It is especially harmful to infants and people with allergies. It is not safe to conduct business in a structure with mold. Apart from its dangers, it is also really unsightly. Take the following steps to be safe;

  • Seek professional mold remediation services.Leaving residual moisture on surfaces causes a growth of mold. It is important to note that dry walls and carpets do not necessarily mean that the construction material is also dry. You may not be able to detect moisture in the construction material on your own.
  • We inspect the amount of damage.Our Utah Cleanup Professionals first examine your business area to determine the type of mold and the extent of its growth.
  • We treat the affected areas with disinfectant and discard the materials that are affected beyond treatment.
  • We check the air for any mold spores.

Office Building Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

A fire occurrence may cause a lot of temporary and permanent damage. For a business, it may mean huge losses especially if repairs are not done on time.

  • The first step with smoke and fire damage restoration is to ensure that your business premises are safe to re-enter.Since walls, roofs, and foundations are usually weakened by fire, it is safe to wait until you are sure that the building is safe.
  • After finding out the specific causes of damage, we try to prevent any further damage and lose by using rooftop covers, window covers, and boarding.
  • Clean up possible water damage.There will most probably be water damage from extinguishers and burst pipe. We dry up the place to prevent the growth of mold.
  • The next step is to remove any smoke and soot and to sanitize your business premises – We also use odor neutralizers to remove the smell of smoke.
  • We then repair or replace drywall and replace painting and carpets.

Utah Flood Cleanup Proves Office Building Damage Restoration Services to Utah Residents

Our office damage restoration experts at Utah Flood Cleanup realize that disasters could occur at any time, so we offer fast and reliable 24/7 emergency services and a 5 year guarantee on our work. We provide quality service that puts the interests and needs of clients first and strictly adhere to the IICRC S-500 and S-520 guidelines. Our staff is experienced, trained and certified because we believe in quality service and not shortcuts. We work with your insurance and offer affordable financing options!

If you are looking for quality and dependable office disaster cleanup for your business in Utah, give us a call today at (801) 416-2666 for a free phone consultation. We also offer free inspections for water damage cases that are covered by insurance.


Additional Restoration Services We Provide

We don’t just handle water, fire, and mold cleanup! Other damage restoration services we can assist your Utah commercial business with include:

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