Black Mold Removal in Utah

Black Mold Removal in Utah - Utah Flood Cleanup

Discovering you have mold in your home may not only make you worry about the damage to your home, but the possible damage to your health as well. Black mold is a serious problem that can affect home owners and their property. It is important to address immediately to contain not only the damage, but the contamination as well. Before you panic, when properly cleaned up and removed, black mold is a fixable problem. Contact the professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup to help walk you through the mold remediation process and get you and your family breathing cleaner air in no time.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold is a species of toxic mold that can cause serious health concerns with animals or humans that come into contact with it. Black mold can affect health through the micro toxins that it produces. Black mold must have moisture to thrive, and is identifiable by its dark green to black appearance as well as its slimy appearance. It often hides under carpet, in walls, in basements, or anywhere there may have been water leakage.

Common causes of black mold can include water damage, flooding, and unrepaired leaks. While the main determination of having black mold is seeing it, you may notice a musty or mildew odor around areas where water may have leaked in.

Since black mold is toxic, it can cause a wide array of health and medical problems including.

  • Breathing problems; such as wheezing, asthma like symptoms, and gasping
  • Headaches
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Coughing; including coughing up blood
  • Kidney and bladder problems
  • Decreased immune system response
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Redness and Itching

Cleanup & Removal of Black Mold in Utah

Black mold can release spores and micro toxins into the air, and therefore it should only be removed by professionals who are able to contain the area properly and remove the mold without making the air or the home more toxic. These professionals have the proper protective equipment as well as the necessary tools to remove the mold completely and ensure it is gone.

When you hire a mold removal specialist, you will probably be asked to leave the tainted area during the removal process. Your specialist will begin by assessing the damage and coming up with a reparation plan for the area. Most mold contaminations are described by levels, which is measured by the amount of toxins in the air the as well as how much area is affected. After determining the level and creating the plan, your mold remediation specialist will begin the following steps.

  • Repair the source of the water damage
  • Contain the affected area by sealing doorways, windows, and entry ways
  • Remove any wet or other damaged articles in the affected area
  • Clean the mold damaged areas using the appropriate chemicals depending on the level of mold
  • Dry the area using fans and other equipment until all water is evaporated
  • Test the area to assure that mold removal was complete

Contact Utah Flood Cleanup for Black Mold In-house Removal in Utah

Our company and trained professionals are experienced at mold remediation, and are dedicated to customer service, and swift, efficient service. At Utah Flood Cleanup, we will not only keep you informed through the entire cleanup process, we also offer competitive rates, as well as 24/7 emergency services.

If you suspect you have black mold, don’t wait until the problem affects you and your family’s health. Call 801-876-5225 or contact Utah Flood Cleanup online today for your free consultation.

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