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3 Things that Can Cause Summertime Mold and Our Top Tips to Prevent it

Summertime: lemonade, swimming pools, and…mold? If you’ve found it, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find they have a problem with mold in the warmth of summer. If mold is a problem in your home, the professional mold removal specialists at Utah Flood Cleanup can help today. Below are some things to keep in mind that can cause mold in the summer.

Mold-Makers: Three Things to Watch

1. Sprinklers

How does the earth slope: down and away from your home’s foundation? That outward downslope helpfully drains rain away from your foundation. Otherwise, be sure no water is pooling up, particularly from sprinklers. Should water collect around the home’s foundation or seep into the basement, you could discover substantial mold growth.

2. Leaky Swamp Coolers 

Evaporative coolers—called swamp coolers—offer an eco-friendly, low-cost alternative to central AC. Swamp coolers work best when circulating air from an open window; this circulation makes for fresher air than traditional air conditioning, which requires an airtight room. Evaporative cooling, though, naturally humidifies dry air. And the coolers typically develop rust spots—check for them—that can eventually leak and cause mold. Molds can grow on the cooler pads, so check for that too.

3. Blocked Gutters; Leaky Downspouts

Be sure your downspouts are taking water away from the house (you may need extensions).

Also, Have the landscaper clear your gutters of foliage.

Top Tips for Summer Mold Prevention

  • Be Sure Your Air Conditioner’s Cooling Capacity isn’t Too High

This one surprises people. An oversized air conditioning unit can result in poor dehumidification. Avoid having the air cool so quickly that the system shuts off before the air is well dehumidified. Is your indoor humidity approaching or more than 60%? Then your AC isn’t properly dehumidifying the air. You can buy a hygrometer to monitor indoor humidity, then can take steps if needed to reduce moisture and prevent mold growth.

  • Cool Your Home During the Summer Heat

Mold flourishes at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and up.

  • Keep Your Bathrooms Dry

Don’t install carpeting in the bathrooms. Small throw rugs are better as they don’t retain much moisture, and they’re easily washed and dried. Turn on the exhaust fan or open the window slightly when taking a bath or shower, to keep the steam from humidifying your home.

  • Use Your Exhaust Fans

Actually, do this all year. Like showering, cooking can produce humidity. Run your stovetop fan to release extra humidity outside. Be sure your clothes dryer exhaust air also goes outside the house.

  • Keep Your Basement and Attic Free of Clutter Such as Cardboard, Fabrics, and Newspapers 

Any dampness on these materials will form a perfect base for mold.

  • Deal with Any Visible Mold or Musty Smells Promptly

Neglected mold issues will spread. If you can’t see mold, but can detect a musty smell, mold might be growing behind walls or under the carpeting. It needs professional attention now, before it gets worse.

  • Fix Any Leaks or Wet Spots in the Home Upon Discovering Them

It’s simple: moisture leads to mold and mildew problems. Within 24 to 48 hours after an enclosed area gets wet, mold can take hold.

Why Mold Remediation Is Important

Mold is a health hazard. Black mold worsens the symptoms of allergies. Mycotoxins emitted by mold can, in some people, create serious—even incurable—illnesses. And in summer, people with respiratory issues might experience a worsening of the symptoms, because of mold spores.

Summer Mold Removal with Utah Flood Cleanup 

If you’ve discovered indoor mold in your home or business, contact our mold remediation professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup today. We have extensive experience in safe mold remediation and are Utah’s #1 disaster cleanup company.

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