What to Do if a Pipe Happens to Burst in Your Home

A burst pipe is a common occurrence, as roughly fifty-million homeowners experience a burst pipe every year. One of the major issues that burst pipes bring is that a 1/8 inch crack can easily lead to over 250 gallons of water flooding your home daily if left untreated. However, with each flood situation being different, each require a unique solution.

What To Do When A Burst pipes

Considering the collateral water damage of what a burst pipe has to offer, it’s important to take action once a piping problem takes place. Here’s a step-by-step guide for halting damage from a burst pipe:

  • Turn Off Your Main Water Supply – This is the first and important step for avoiding further water damage to your home. Shutting down your main water supply stops all water throughout the home and makes it easier to repair the burst pipe. In some cases, you may have to turn off your main power switch if the leak is happening near an electrical source.
  • Turn Off Valves – If the burst pipe routes from a hot water tank, close off the hot water valve to avoid loss of water and possible injury.
  • If The Pipe Is Frozen – If the pipe happens to be frozen, don’t let it thaw.
  • Once The Water Is Shut Down – Once the water is shut off from the home, call a professional immediately. This avoids further damage to your piping and property.
  • Take Inventory – Take inventory of the damaged property from the burst pipe. Once this is accumulated, contact your insurance provider.

Burst Pipe Facts

Since a burst pipe isn’t a rare situation for homeowners, there’s a few facts for consideration in regards to such issues. Such burst pipe facts are:

  • Almost thirty-seven percent of all frozen burst pipes take place in the basement of the home.
  • Frozen pipes are known to be a risk for homeowners in regards to property damage once the temperature drops.
  • Pipe insulation normally costs fifty cents per foot at a hardware store. However, a burst pipe without insulation can cost at least five-thousand dollars for repair.
  • A thirty-two degree temperature is the freezing point for water. For safety reasons, your home should stay above this temperature.

Call Utah Flood Cleanup for Burst Pipe in Home

Provided the information above, a burst pipe brings a lot of trauma to a household. However, Utah Flood Cleanup is here to handle any water, flood, smoke, or fire situations that may have found their way to your home. Such services Utah Flood Cleanup offer are:

  • Inspection & Water Damage Assessment – Inspecting the burst pipe,  assessing the water damage from the burst pipe,
  • Water Removal & Extraction – Removing the excess water caused by the burst pipe.
  • Drying & Dehumidification – Drying and dehumidifying the area effected by the burst pipe.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing – Cleaning the damage and sanitizing the area caused by the burst pipe.
  • Restoration – Restoring the water damaged property.

Being the best damage experts in the area and available 24/7, contact Utah Flood Cleanup today to exceed your burst pipe restoration needs.


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