There are multiple water shut-off valves in your home. Together, these regulate the water flow rate through plumbing pipes, faucets, and water outlets going into appliances throughout your house. The shut-off valves enable you to cut off the water going to a particular faucet or other water outlets. This is a critically important capability in a house flooding emergency when a repair or replacement is needed, and during periods when your house will be vacant for an extended period. 

It’s typically easy to locate shut-off valves for sinks, showers, dishwashers, ice makers, washing machines, etc. They’re usually near the water outlets going into those facilities. But, finding the main water shut-off valve for water coming into your home from the public water supply or from your water well on your property may be harder.

How to Turn Off Water Supply to House Water

A water shut-off valve is a water valve with a lever, knob, steel pin, or other mechanisms that can be used to stop the flow of water to a faucet or appliance or to your entire home. If a faucet or an appliance is leaking, or you have a plumbing emergency from a pipe break, etc., you can use the shut-off valve to cut off the water supply going to the plumbing leak or pipe breach.

Where Is My Water Shut-Off Valve?

To turn off the water to your entire house, you’ll need to know the main shut-off valve location. Finding the main water shut-off valve location can be more complex than expected. Ideally, you will be able to find the valve on the interior side of an exterior wall and it will have a workable knob, lever, or another handle for turning the valve. If you do not find the valve during the initial search of your home, you may have to look deeper. 

The main water shut-off valve for your home is probably located at one of these places:

  • On one of your home’s outer walls
  • Somewhere at ground level. So, if you’re in your basement, search high on the wall. 
  • Indoors as close as possible to the water meter located outdoors
  • The original property inspection report you received before you bought your house
  • Possibly in a closet in or near a bathroom
  • Concealed behind a wall (Perhaps a former owner unintentionally covered it during a DIY home improvement project.) 

If you cannot locate the main water shut-off valve for your home:

  • The best solution is to find the valve proactively by having a plumber come in and find it for you. 
  • The second-best option is to keep the phone number for your city’s emergency services somewhere you can access it quickly. That way, at least you can call and have city workers come as quickly as possible and cut off the water at the hydrant for your street in any emergency. 

You should also keep contact information for a reliable 24-hour plumber, so you can call someone to stop the flooding in your house as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need to Know Where My Water Shut-off Valve Is?

Locating your main water shut-off valve may seem like a low priority for busy people. But, it is critically important to find and test this and other shut-off valves to ensure they are working properly. Old valves that haven’t been checked in many years may need repair. 

Without a properly working water shut-off valve, your house can rapidly flood due to a burst pipe or severe leak. This can be a very costly incident that may have been avoidable by simply turning off the water at the main valve. 

Therefore, you need to locate your main water shut-off valve as soon as possible. In cases of water floods in houses, people don’t usually have time to search for the main water shut-off valve. You need to know where it is in advance to prevent potentially extensive damage to your home’s structure and possessions and minimize the risk of severe mold infestation

Homeowners who do not know where their water main is located have frequently been found by plumbers or public emergency services frantically trying to bail water out of their homes. Instead, you can simply turn off the water at the valve if a plumbing leak occurs and possibly avoid major repairs costing thousands of dollars.

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