Ways to Prevent Summer Hazards Around Your Home 

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Creating a safe environment where your family can thrive is always a priority. The average number of safety hazards that lurk around in an average home can compromise the safety of its occupants. Fortunately, most of these safety issues can be addressed pretty easily. Mitigating some disasters such as flood and mold damage should be left to a disaster cleanup company that has a skilled restoration team and protective gear to restore your home.

Fire Hazards

Avoid lighting candles near flammable materials or when you are not in the room. Use a smart smoke detector that uses Wi-Fi to send real-time updates to your smartphone in case of any accidental fires and smoke damage on your property. It’s also advisable to invest in a functional multipurpose fire extinguisher.

Overworked Electrical Systems

The increased temperatures experienced during the hot months of summer can cause your appliances to short-circuit and cause fires. There are several fire hazards in any home and most of them are often electrical. Our fire damage restoration team advises against overloading your electrical outlets. In fact, any appliances that are not in use should be unplugged.

Unattended Appliances

Inspect your appliances to see whether there are frayed or damaged cords that can cause fires. In addition, you should clean the lint in the dryer vents because link buildup can easily spark fires. Avoid leaving your appliances plugged in if you are planning to go for vacation. Apart from expending energy unnecessarily, the unattended appliances can cause fires. Unplugging all your appliances before you head out on vacation will save you a few bucks off your energy bills and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.

Outdated Air Conditioners

The air conditioning unit is very important in every home during summer. However, if the AC unit is outdated or dirty, you will end up with high energy bills and poor indoor air quality. Have your AC inspected yearly and change its filters every month for optimal performance. While exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide can cause dizziness or headaches, high levels can lead to impaired vision, vomiting, or even death. Since it is not possible to detect carbon monoxide leaks by smell, sight or sound, it can be a difficult threat to discern.

Mold Growth

Summer times are associated with scorching heat and high humidity levels. Protect your home from mold growth by eliminating any water sources in damp sections of your home. If you have an indoor humidity controller, keep the humidity levels at between 30 and 50 percent. You can also run bathroom vents or keep your doors and windows open to improve air circulation and by extension lower the humidity level. Additionally, eliminate window condensation issues by installing storm windows or insulated glass windows. If you suspect any condensation in ducts, call an HVAC expert to repair or replace the ducts and get rid of the excess moisture. Also, look out for roof leaks, AC drain leaks, foundation leaks, plumbing leaks, or blocked gutters and make the necessary repairs. If the mold has already grown, contact our professional mold removal and water damage cleanup company at Utah Flood Cleanup to sort out the problem.

Receive Water, Fire, and Mold Damage Cleanup Services from Professionals in Utah

At Utah Flood Cleanup, our free inspection of water damage services in Utah is insured. We follow the IICRC S-500 and S-520 standards to ensure that the job is done perfectly without cutting corners. If you have home hazard insurance, contact our Utah offices today for a free phone consultation. If you are in need of emergency service, give us a call at 801-416-2666. We are available 24/7!

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