Mold is a severe problem that often follows water damage from flooding, a roof or plumbing leak, water saturation due to putting out a fire, or some other disaster. Mold growth can present a severe health threat to people in your home or workplace. We’re your local Syracuse mold damage, restoration experts. We provide safe and thorough mold removal and remediation treatment to restore your home or business to mold-free condition safely and as quickly as possible.

Call Utah Flood Cleanup, Syracuse, UT, or use our online contact form to schedule mold removal and remediation in your home or business.

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The dangers of mold in houses are due to airborne mold spores drifting through interior areas. Mold is a contaminant that can make people very sick. Mold spread can also damage surface finishes and even undermine the structural integrity of your house or commercial building. We use state-of-the-art professional mold abatement and remediation processes to eliminate this hazard. Click this link to see some of our outstanding customer reviews for our mold abatement service.

Why Choose Utah Flood Cleanup to Repair Mold Damage?

Your Utah Flood Cleanup Syracuse team of mold abatement and damage restoration specialists prioritize your safety and comfort during the mold removal and remediation project. We plan and organize our processes to ensure that we complete mold removal and remediation work safely and as quickly as possible so you and your family can return to your regular routine very soon.

We are Utah’s best mold abatement and disaster restoration team:

  • We use the industry’s most advanced mold removal and remediation solutions.
  • The superior quality of equipment and methods we provide prevents future damage.
  • Our mold removal and remediation team are certified disaster restoration specialists.
  • Utah Flood Cleanup offers financing options to fit any budget.

Your Utah Flood Cleanup Syracuse UT disaster cleanup and restoration team will arrive fully equipped for professional-quality mold abatement and remediation treatment of your home or commercial building. Our team of certified mold remediation specialists will perform safe, professional mold abatement processes and mold damage repair for meticulous restoration of all impacted areas of your property.

Call Utah Flood Cleanup at (801) 416-2666, or contact us online to schedule a free inspection and estimate to include all insurance-covered areas of your home or business that are affected by mold.

Manni and Memo came out to our home for a flood we had in the basement. They were incredible gentleman who helped us with everything and walked us through DIY steps for us to do in order to save money. I will absolutely recommend this company to anyone!
Lee Lasrich
Lee Lasrich
22:48 30 Apr 24
I was corrected and they are still in business. Talked to Daryl and he’s a great guy. Would definitely send work his way if I ever need it.
Robert Mixon
Robert Mixon
22:36 07 Mar 23
We had a leak in our roof while we were out of town. Daryl was so helpful and responded quickly so we were able to get our wood floor dried out to avoid damage to the floor. He was very professional and knew exactly what needed to be done.
Gary Hatch
Gary Hatch
22:52 07 Jun 22
I contact Daryl about wanting to have a mold inspection done in my crawl space. He was incredibly nice and immediately booked at time with me. When he arrived at the house, he carefully did his work, showed me the results of the tests. Thankfully there was no mold. But, even better, he took the time to show me and explain a few areas of concern for the future. Really incredible service. I wish everyone was so professional. I couldn't recommend someone more highly. 5 star!
23:22 13 May 22
Daryl with Utah Flood Clean Up, came to inspect a previous roof leak that had left some moisture in our walls. He was very honest about his findings and detailed with the information for removing it! I am a General Contractor and I won’t use anyone else!
Garry Naccarato
Garry Naccarato
14:11 23 Apr 22
My experience with this company is that they are honest and great to work with. Very refreshing to have someone you can trust.
Trevor Heaton
Trevor Heaton
19:44 06 May 20
Called for some detailed information about mold/removal. Daryl was busy, but called back just a few minutes later and spent time answering ALL my questions. He was very knowledgable and patient. Thank you Daryl.
Diane G
Diane G
18:00 17 Apr 20
Sadly, I've had to use Utah Flood Cleanup 4 times in the last year! I really appreciate how quickly they responded to each casualty. They were there right away! Daryl, the owner, gave me a price that was half of the other quote I got, and his men are professionals... not kids who don't have a clue. Plus, he included more "fixes" in his quote for less money. He is very knowledgeable and I felt very confident in his recommendations. He also worked directly with our insurance adjuster so that I didn't have to! I highly recommend this company.
Ashton Carrington
Ashton Carrington
16:09 16 Apr 20
I called Utah Flood Cleanup when I had a leak in the kitchen that drained down into the basement. Daryl came out shortly after speaking to me on the phone! He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. He quickly and thoroughly assessed the situation, explaining everything he did as he went along. I was very impressed with how thorough he was in his examination of the damage. He let me know up front what I was looking at and I felt he was very honest and reasonable. I've had other companies out who seem to know very little and just want to start ripping everything out at once! Daryl explained and showed me why he recommended what he did and I felt very comfortable and confident in his recommendations. I highly recommend this company!! You won't be sorry.
Jo Carrington
Jo Carrington
03:09 08 Jun 19
Call these guys for the best knowledge and serve for water damage or mold.
Daryl Olsen
Daryl Olsen
18:58 26 Jan 19
We wanted our house checked for mold due to a moderately high mold count in the air sample. They were very thorough and found only one small spot in the bathroom that needed attention. They advised on our options for dealing with it and did not propose expensive and unnecessary repairs.
Heather Steed
Heather Steed
02:09 16 Aug 18
We absolutely love Utah Flood Cleanup, they come in and take all the problems over. The headache of insurance companies, they pack your items up, the clean up and restoration, and they even move all the items back in. All of there staff are professional and very knowledgeable, they layout a reasonable budget and fight against the insurance to get your house to the best finished state. All of there sub contractors are fast and experts in their fields, this company only uses professional tradesman. We really appreciate all that the Utah Flood Cleanup guys have done for us.
Kit Cc
Kit Cc
03:27 15 Aug 16
Josh and Sam came to inspect the mold we found. They were on time, considerate and knowledgeable about our situation. They presented our options and recommendations to treat the issue. I will recommend Utah Disaster to my friends and family.
Connie Pinnell
Connie Pinnell
18:16 08 Jun 16
Jaxon came and assessed water damage in our basement. They were very helpful and went out of their way to make the experience as painless as possible. Very responsive when questions came up and they were never pushy, which I appreciate.
Aimee Hollingsworth
Aimee Hollingsworth
19:48 01 Jun 16
Jaxon was great, he answered his phone at 6:30 am and was out in an hour and got my basement cleaned up
neil norton
neil norton
14:55 31 May 16
Within the last year we had a major flood in the basement, and just today had another water issue that flooded a smaller portion of the basement. I called The Flood Company immediately and they were on-site within an hour or so. I'm extremely pleased with The Flood Co. The professionalism and expertise demonstrate by Jackson and Sam put my mind at ease, knowing we would be taken care of well. I would recommend The Flood Company to anyone in need of these services. They get a five star rating from us!
William Hansen
William Hansen
03:03 26 May 16
My main water line broke and our crawl space was flooding. I called my insurance company and they recommended these guys. Sam and Jesus showed up and got things taken care of. They stopped the water line and put fans to dry the area. The insurance process was super smooth I'm glad I called them!
Karla Maquin
Karla Maquin
04:11 06 May 16
Utah Flood Cleanup is amazing! Josh and Jesus stopped by after their shift and were kind enough to give us a free inspection of our flood problem. Our little 4 year old thought he'd make a sauna in the bathroom. He flipped the shower on and walked away. We never heard the water running and came upstairs to put my daughter to bed. Sure enough, the shower was pointed into the bathroom and flooded the whole thing. Josh and Jesus came out got the whole place inspected, pulled out themal meters and moisture meters and confirmed there was water damage (and old mold growth from previous spills). They grabbed their tools and began demolishing the floor themselves, right then and there so we could get fans on it to prevent future mold growth. I hope I never have another flood but if I do, I'm definitely calling them again! They're the best!!~~~
Jessica Means
Jessica Means
01:49 22 Apr 16
These guys are great to work with and really go above and beyond to serve their customers.
Zack Adams
Zack Adams
17:36 16 Dec 15
I called in the morning and they came that afternoon. Chris and Jesus came. They were professional, polite, knowledgeable and they quickly got the place all cleaned up and prepped for the repair. Then they recommended some handymen to do the repair. I hired Hank and he was great too. Did the whole job in one day.
Alan Green
Alan Green
20:37 16 Oct 15
You showed up to our house based upon little information. When you got here you went right to work looking to see what was going on. With being a family of 7, it can be a scramble being out of a bathroom and no shower. You were excellent and so kind on letting us know what our options are and what you can do to resolve the problem in our basement bathroom. With being in our new home, not even making a second mortgage payment yet, it is hard to discover there is mold and a water leak through out the basement bathroom and laundry room. I really appreciate the time you took out of your day to come to our house. My brother in law referred us to you, and it was the best referral, so thank you very much.
Ashley Metz
Ashley Metz
22:39 30 Sep 15

Benefits of Professional Mold Damage Restoration

If you have discovered extreme mold growth in one or more areas of your home or business, it can be too difficult to remove safely and entirely without professional assistance. You will need an experienced, certified mold removal specialist using the appropriate equipment and methods to ensure that all mold spores are safely and thoroughly eliminated and that continued growth cannot occur.

  • Professional processes for safe and complete mold removal, cleaning, and disinfecting of all areas contaminated with mold inside your home are exceptionally thorough.
  • Professional mold remediation methods utilize specialized industrial-grade equipment to remove all mold spores and prevent new mold growth.
  • We manage the process with your insurance company to ensure that abatement and restoration of all mold damages in all impacted areas are fully covered in your insurance claim.

Utah Flood Cleanup provides the disaster restoration industry’s best mold remediation solutions for homeowners and businesses at an affordable price. Ask for financing options to fit your budget. Insurance usually pays for mold abatement and remediation, depending on the situation.

Call us at (801) 416-2666 if you need mold removal at your property. We’ll schedule an immediate appointment to provide you with an estimate of mold abatement and damage repairs.

What Causes Mold Problems in Homes?

Mold is necessary for breaking down various materials to enable the reuse of their constituent materials. But, when mold begins to spread inside your home or workplace, it can become a serious health hazard, and it can threaten the structural strength of your house or commercial building.

Mold is a class of organisms that thrive on damp surfaces. It feeds on a wide range of moist substances, such as household foods, wood, paper, insulation, cloth, wallpaper, carpeting, dust, etc. It reproduces by spreading its spores through the air. Mold often develops in homes and business buildings as a consequence of plumbing leaks or roof leaks. But, mold can simply spread by its airborne drifting through indoor spaces and gaining a stronghold on a moist surface.

For the most effective professional mold removal and remediation services, call Utah Flood Cleanup at (801) 416-2666. We will eliminate mold from your home or business, so you can get back to enjoying your life without any concerns about recurring mold growth.

Where Does Mold Grow in Homes?

Mold grows on any moist organic material, such as items kept in closets, attics, basements, or other storage areas where humidity may be a problem. Mold spread is also common in areas where condensation occurs around windows, old plumbing or uninsulated spaces, and in spaces that are wet due to seasonal flooding.

Ceilings and drywall may begin to reveal mold problems. Other surfaces where mold growth can appear include stored files, carpets, books, artworks, furniture, and even clothing stored in basements or attics.

Health Hazards From Mold

Many serious health effects can be triggered by mold problems in a home, especially in infants, children, adults, elderly adults with asthma, other respiratory conditions, allergies, or sensitivity to mold. Symptoms of a reaction to mold can include:

  • Gasping for breath
  • Nasal irritation
  • Coughing
  • Throat irritation
  • Red and/or itching eyes
  • Lung congestion
  • Redness of skin

To prevent exposure to mold in your home or workplace, contact Utah Flood Cleanup for help. Our mold abatement experts use world-class professional equipment and processes to ensure thorough mold removal and remediation to prevent any risk of further problems with mold spread.

How Does the Mold Removal Process Work?

The Syracuse Utah Flood Cleanup mold abatement experts are fully licensed and certified mold removal and remediation specialists. Our team brings industry experience and knowledge to detect mold issues anywhere inside your home or business. We make sure the mold problem is safely and meticulously eliminated. Our advanced mold abatement processes eliminate all mold spores and prevent the continuation of mold growth.

Your Utah Flood Cleanup mold abatement expert will:

  1. Perform a thorough visual inspection to locate all areas affected by mold growth.
  2. Conduct conclusive testing to identify the type and extent of mold spread.
  3. Disinfect all surfaces affected by mold growth.
  4. Safely remove and dispose of all materials that cannot be successfully treated.
  5. Apply HEPA air filtration as needed to clear the interior environment of mold spores.
  6. Meticulously inspect to ensure that no mold spores remain to cause further mold problems.
  7. We will provide our lab results and reports of all remediation work completed.

If you need help eliminating dangerous mold growth from your home or business, Call Syracuse Utah Flood Cleanup (801) 876-5225 for a FREE consultation with a certified mold abatement expert.

Mold Abatement and Remediation Services, Syracuse Utah

Utah Flood Cleanup in Syracuse, Utah, is the premier local disaster restoration company. We specialize in safe, top-quality cleanup and damage restoration of structural damage and all other property damage from MOLD, WATER, or FIRE.

We work for our customers directly, not for your insurance company. This means we can perform all our work to meet industry standards. We do not take shortcuts to finish work faster. Our industry experts serve as your advocate with your insurance company to see that all insured damage repairs receive appropriate coverage.

Our team diligently follows all the guidelines. We are dedicated to top quality in mold removal and remediation and in all disaster repair and restoration services we perform.

For expert consultation or free site inspection and estimate for mold removal and remediation, or other disaster cleanups, call Utah Flood Cleanup, Syracuse UT at (801) 416-2666, or use our online contact form.

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Complete Damage Restoration Services By Utah Flood Cleanup

Industrial-grade residential and commercial disaster cleanup and damage restoration services provided by your local Utah Flood Cleanup experts in Syracuse, Utah include:


We are Utah’s leading disaster restoration company. For mold removal and remediation or other disaster restoration services at your home or business, contact Syracuse Utah Flood Cleanup.


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