Salt Lake City Utah Fire Damage Restoration & Repair Services

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Salt Lake City Utah Fire Damage Restoration & Repair Services

Extreme fire damage can leave large amounts of soot and debris behind. In many cases, the smell of smoke can linger on the property. It is essential that fire damage restoration projects must be dealt with by experts.

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Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage often leaves smoke, soot, and stains behind on ceilings and walls. This damage can weaken the foundations of your house including, but not limited to the pillars, floors and walls. The experts at Utah Flood Cleanup will evaluate the damage and determine the best route to take in order to get your home our place of residence back to normal. We take the time to help you decide what needs to be replaced and what is able to be restored. We also are able to help with insurance claims.

Removing soot and smoke odors

It is best to leave the removal of smoke odors to professionals. The professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup possess all the tools and equipment necessary to dissolve and thoroughly remove lingering smoke odors.

Our high-powered suction tools are able to remove soot from both the walls and the furniture. We also possess professional grade brushes and chemicals that safely remove soot from the property without further damage. We even apply a protective sealant that is designed for fire-damaged surfaces. Our team is experienced in handling all types of fire damage. We get the job done right at an affordable price.

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