Earthquake Damage Restoration

Damage Caused Due to an Earthquake in Utah


According to the National Earthquake Center, there are, on average, about 20,000 earthquakes annually, or about 50 a day. Most are small and unnoticeable except to scientists. However, there were also 1,637 earthquakes in 2019 with a magnitude of 5 or more, which can do damage to property and even life. Even though Utah doesn’t seem like an earthquake country, they can truly occur anywhere, including a big 5.7 quake that Salt Lake City area in March 2020.

Earthquakes can be scary if you’ve never been through one, but they also can be destructive, which is why it helps to be knowledgeable about how to get help if you experience one. Utah Flood Cleanup has extensive experience in all sorts of natural disasters, including earthquake damage cleanup. Utah Flood Cleanup will arrive promptly and get right to work with our Utah flood damage restoration process. We use the latest in damage restoration technology, including thermal imaging, to make sure all of the damage is identified and repaired as efficiently as possible.

Our highly qualified staff at Utah Flood Cleanup will be happy to clean up any damage caused due to earthquakes, water, fire, or mold.

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Types of Earthquake Damage

Depending on the severity of a quake and how close property is to the epicenter, the damage could include everything from items falling off shelves or out of cupboards to structural damage.

Part of the earthquake damage cleanup often involves assessing what happened, what has been broken. Immediately following a larger earthquake, a property owner may focus on avoiding more prominent damage, such as the condition and location of family members and pets.

Once the immediate danger is passed and they are given permission to re-enter their home or business, they’ll be able to look a little closer. At first they might only see the larger messes such as broken glass and other broken items.

They may not be able to see small damage, such a crack in the foundation of business or home. But representatives from your municipality (city/county) or insurance company will be able to access your property and look closely at potential damage. Utah Flood Cleanup can also provide a thorough inspection and assessment. At this point, a company that focuses on earthquake damage restoration may be called for.

Depending on the situation, clean up and restoration work can include:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing possessions.
  • Boarding up windows
  • Cleaning and sanitizing walls and fixtures.
  • Cleaning up or replacing carpet.
  • Using odor neutralizers.

Urgent Needs

Part of dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake is that it’s important to move quickly. There could still be aftershocks, which often have less magnitude but can be scary and destructive and can still cause damage.

A badly damaged home could also be uninhabitable. Emergency officials generally make this decision based on inspection and potential hazards in the area.
For instance, a home or business that goes without repair or restoration quickly may be susceptible to vandalism or theft. An exposed building might be at risk for water damage from the rain. Too much rain can also lead to water damage or even the growth of molds.

Be Ready

Since earthquakes are so difficult to predict, it’s smart to be ready for them anytime. That includes knowing who to call for damage restoration services when it does hit. Utah Flood Cleanup is ready to help anytime. Contact us, or call us at (801) 416-2666 and ask for your FREE phone consultation and FREE inspection. Utah Flood Cleanup is your number one resource for repairing damages caused by earthquakes, water, fire, and mold.

 Additional damage restoration services in Utah include:

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