Sewage Damage and the Precautions to Take

North Ogden Flood Clean upSewage damage is not something to be played with, especially when it gets near your home. Although, sewage is waste that comes from our bodies, it mixes in with different elements – creating danger to those that come in contact. Besides an unpleasant smell, it can host a number of different viruses and diseases detrimental to the health of all people. Here are some tips on sewage damage. We can help with our flood cleanup services.

What are the causes of sewage damage?

Sewage damage can be triggered from a number of different elements. You’ve probably heard on the news of a water main or city blockage in your county. Some people may think it’s insignificant. However, a blockage could cause your pipes not to flush due to debris, hair and other elements.

Flooding is another event that can happen which causes severe overflow. Be on the lookout for heavy rain. Please be sure your gutters have been cleaned out from time to time to ensure there’s no flooding. You might want to check your sump pump for damages as well. A sewage backup is not fun when it starts to leak into your basement.

How quickly should I report sewage damage?

Honestly, you should report it immediately. There are tons of safety hazards in dealing with sewage. You may not be properly equipped as someone from the city is in getting rid of excrement. In a case of a severe sewer backup, definitely get in contact with an official because it could affect more than your general radius. Your town can hire professionals who have the experience to deal with those types of issues. In some cases, you may have something trapped in your pipes which may need the assistance of just a plumber. However, if you tried to deal with it and nothing works, you should consider a plumber or water damage specialist to get rid of the issue.

What are the health risks?

Sewage DamageAs stated before, there are a number of risks associated with sewage damage. For one thing, you can catch gastroenteritis which causes stomach pain, diarrhea, and nausea. You can also get Well’s disease and even hepatitis. These are all serious and a lot of workers dealing with sewage control need to be protected because they are
susceptible to ailments.

Be careful in dealing with sewage damage. If it becomes a bit unbearable, you should hire a professional to safely deal with the issue.

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