Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: What are the Benefits of This? 


Ogden CleanupBenefits of Regular Carpet Cleanings

There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional to clean your carpet and if needed, your upholstery as well.

Because they do this as a business, they will have both more experience at and better equipment for cleaning carpets than any home owner. We can help with our cleaning services.

You will pay more than if you do it yourself, but cleaning professionals typically offer guarantees with their work, so you will be confident the job will be done right.

Regular cleanings are important for maintaining the appearance of your carpeting and helping to get the longest possible life out of it before it eventually needs to be replaced.

It is also important for the health and environment in your home to have dust and dirt regularly cleaned out of your carpeting. What are the main carpet cleaning methods used by cleaners and which are the best?

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The various cleaning methods fall into two groups: wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are the predominant types of wet carpet cleaning.

Cleaning with an absorbent pad or “bonnet cleaning” is also offered by some services, but this is better for light maintenance as it does not give carpeting the deep clean that the first two methods do.

Whether you use hot water extraction or steam cleaning, hiring a professional is recommended. The more powerful truck mounted units used by cleaning companies spray the cleaners and water(or steam) into your carpeting at much higher pressure.

Even more importantly, they also suck the cleaner and water back out with the same higher pressure so that your carpet will have less cleaner residue and will be dry much quicker after cleaning. This provides less time for any mold to grow in the carpeting.

Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound and the dry foam rotary shampoo method are two of the dry carpet cleaning methods. Another method is called encapsulation. This is a newer one that uses breakthroughs in polymers that are in a cleaning solution which is applied to the carpeting.

This polymer then encapsulates soil particles into a dry residue on contact, which then makes it easy to be vacuumed up afterward. The dry methods tend to be simpler when applying them to the carpeting as some of them do not require high pressure equipment.

Which Method is Best?

The actual question should be, which method is best for your situation? Sometimes large carpeted areas, such as inside commercial buildings, may not be fully accessible to truck mounted steam or hot water extraction cleaning methods, and a method such as encapsulation may be needed instead.

A lot will also depend on your budget and how much the company charges for each cleaning method. A professional carpet cleaning service can suggest an effective and economical cleaning method that is tailored to your specific situation.

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