Utah Ice Damming: What You Need To Know

It’s winter in Utah and it’s cold and the snow is piling up on your roof. That may not sound threatening, but the danger is just around the corner, or in this case, just above your head.

What is Utah Ice Damming?

Neighbor 1: What is an ice dam on a roof?

Neighbor 2: Damage waiting to happen!

Why Do Ice Dams Form In Utah Home Rooftops?

When outside temperatures rise enough to warm the attic just below a typical sloping roof, the underside of the roof snow starts melting. The meltwater runs down the shingles of the roof to the eaves, the lower segment which stays cold because it extends below and beyond the warm surface above the attic. The water freezes on the eaves and starts forming a thick ice layer known as an ice dam.

Why Is Utah Ice Damming Damaging To Homes?

Interior Damage from Ice Damming

Melted water from the underside of the ice layer seeps under the shingles and soaks through the outer layers of structure, into and through the attic insulation, before finally soaking into the drywall. Soggy insulation and drywall create foul-smelling rot and mildew. Interior signs of this damage include sagging drywall, rusty drywall nail heads and screws, stains around windows and doors, and peeling paint.

The Damage from Ice Damming in Gutters and on Shingles

When ice dams form, gutters, rather than providing water drainage, become covered in icicles and filled with ice. Eventually, the stress from the weight causes them to tear loose from the roof. Roof shingles are also at risk. As ice dams grow heavier, they are pulled loose.

Roof Ice Dam Prevention

Wondering how to prevent an ice dam? If a big snowfall or blizzard has already blown through, grab a ladder and a soft kitchen broom. You will need to gently brush as much of the rooftop snow off as you can without damaging the shingles. If temperatures have risen enough, a more shingle-safe measure is feasible: Grab your garden hose or a large water gun and spray off as much of the snow as possible.

If winter is still weeks or months away, there’s a much better, long-lasting preventative option. Because heat rises, the upper area of a house is always warmer. Having the ceiling insulation inspected and either replaced or improved will prevent heat from escaping through the top ceiling into the attic. This will save you money while preventing ice dams!

Utah Flood Cleanup Restore Homes Damaged by Ice Dams in Salt Lake City, Utah

You most likely have insurance that covers some or all of this damage. What you don’t have is time insurance for all the real-life hassles seeing a potentially enormous repair process through to completion entails. If your home is damaged by ice damming, you can count on Utah Flood Cleanup and our team of water damage repair, flood damage restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and mold remediation specialists. Our mission is to get you back to normal life as soon as the most thorough, high-quality restoration permits. We guarantee your home will be safely and fully restored.

Contact Utah Flood Cleanup in Salt Lake City, Utah at 801-416-2666 today for a free phone consultation and free inspection of insurance-covered water damage events. We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee and affordable financing options. Don’t hesitate to call if you’ve experienced water damage from ice damming in Utah today. We are available 24/7!

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