Josh, tell me a little bit about this job.

Okay. so what happened was a tenant was making tortillas. We are at an apartment complex. She was making them on her stove with some oil. She stepped away to tend to her kids and the pan caught on fire. She came in and grabbed the pan and threw it into the sink. She put water on it which isn't the best way to handle a grease fire.

That caused the flame to shoot up which then activated the fire suppression system in here.

I see the darkest smoke in soot areas are right here about the sink.

That would probably be from the protein and tortilla that caught on fire. It's just a different type of
fire from a structural fire.

What's lucky about as one is that she had renter's insurance. The renters insurance, because she is responsible for the day damage, is going to take care structure as well as her personal contents that were damaged. She's looking at tens of thousands of dollars in damage that was caused to this apartment complex.

We're on the third floor so the damage isn't only in this unit. It went across the hall as well as down 2 more levels.

Yes. That's correct. There are quite a few units affected from her accident. Good thing she had renters insurance.

That is a good lesson to be learned. It's not just to protect her TV and her sofa. It's to protect her liability against the damage that she could cause.

Yes. That's correct.