The Ins and Outs of Smoke and Fire Damage


Ogden CleanupHow Can Smoke and Fire Incidents Damage a Home?

Where there is a fire in a home there is going to damaging smoke. When this happens, a fair amount of smoke and soot settles on everything within the house. Just the smell of the smoke can settle inside walls of the structure.

Fabrics on furniture, rugs, carpets and curtains are all synthetic materials, which cause a chemical reaction.

Even items such as glass, china, Marble, tiles and silver are affected. If this is not cleaned up at once, all items that could be cleaned become trash.

What Are Some of the Lingering Effects of Fire and Smoke?

Unless smoke from a house fire is not cleaned , this smoke odor has a lingering effect of the item. You will always smell a nasty smoke smell in the home and on the items. Smoke from a fire in the home is very toxic to humans when they breathe the smoke into the lungs. It is impossible at the time to say for sure which toxins are released into the home’s air.

It depends upon what articles in the home caught fire until after the fire. Cyanide, hydrogen chloride and carbon monoxide are some of the toxins that could be released into the home during a fire, are absorbed into the blood via the lungs.

Small microns of ash and soot can become lodged within a person’s lungs. Other issues include seizures, cardiovascular collapse and hypotension, confusion, anxiety, blackouts, rapid pulse and respirations, shortness of breath and low oxygen levels.

Smoke and soot leave a film with a strong smoke or musty odor within the home and on every item in the home. This film contains an acid foundation that causes corrosion, and discoloration to the items put damage.

How Do Professionals Eliminate the Odors and Soot Caused by Fire Damage?

Ogden Fire and Smoke DamageProfessionals clean up fire and smoke damage carefully because the smoke and soot weaken materials. Each item in the home affected by smoke and fire damage uses various chemical compounds and tools as simple as cotton swabs and Q-Tips.

They sweep the debris up from floors and carpets. Surfaces are washed well with low-pressure water and any number of cleaning solutions using mineral spirits, mild soaps and Felsnaptha.

Professionals will use a cleaning solution and cotton swabs soaked in mineral spirits or mild soap solutions.

The longer these odors are allowed on house items the more difficult it becomes in removing the odors of smoke and soot.

Smoke and Fire damage is a huge issue for home owners in the Ogden area. Call Utah Flood Cleanup today at (801) 416-2666, and cleanup up that big mess with the help of the experts.

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