6 Ways to Prevent Christmas Tree and Holiday Decoration Fires

Lady with her Children near a Christmas Tree and Fire place

During Christmas and other holidays, most people often decorate their houses with lights as one way of making the moment magical. Although it is not common, there is always a chance of fire outbreak during these celebrations. Statistics by the National Fire Protection Association shows that between 2011 and 2015, annual average responses due to fires started by Christmas trees were 200. The report further established the fires claim 6 lives, cause 16 injuries, and damage property worth $14.8 million per year. It has been established that well-watered trees are rarely involved in fires. However, using a dry Christmas tree comes with increased risk of fire outbreak. Here are some of the tricks you should consider to prevent Christmas tree and holiday decoration fires.

1. Select Fresh Trees 

One of the tactics you can use to avoid fire outbreak during your holiday is buying a fresh tree. Moreover, you should ensure it has green needles that don’t break easily. Avoid trees with brownish needles as it is an indicator that they are dried out. Make sure to water it regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out and become a fire hazard.

2. Select a Fire Retardant Artificial Tree

Some people choose to go for artificial trees over natural trees. Although such trees rarely catch fire, it is advisable to ensure they have a label showing they are fire-retardant. Given enormous costs you may incur in case of a fire outbreak in fire damage cleanup, you should always consider the safety of a product over its price.

3. Install Your Decoration Lights Correctly 

Upon selecting the right tree, next precautionary measure should be installing the decoration lights in the right way. It is essential to ensure you use safe tree lights. Be careful when selecting lights as they are only for indoor or outdoor use and not both.

4. Check for Worn Out Wires

Going through the manufacturer’s label can help you set up the decorations correctly. Check for excess wear or frayed wired when using holiday lights. Furthermore, place the trees away from any heat source to prevent fire outbreak.

5. Turn the Lights Off

When going to bed or leaving the house, always switch off the lights.

6. Watch the Kids

Keep an eye on your little ones when they are near the Christmas tree. They could easily tip something over or play with the lights and cords, potentially causing a fire.

What to Do in Case of a Fire Outbreak in the Holiday Season

Despite putting various measures in place to avoid any fire outbreaks in your home, you may find yourself in trouble in case of an accident. Avoid placing trees near an exit to ensure there is a way out in case of an emergency. If you reside in Utah, our professionals at Utah Flood Cleanup can help you with fire damage repair. We are disaster cleanup professionals in Utah who can restore your house to its previous look after a fire outbreak at a reasonable price. Our fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration services are unmatched.

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