If your business is water damaged, you need immediate help to clean it up and restore the building and its contents to their pre-flood condition as quickly as possible. Commercial water damage may amount to a minor or major loss. In either case, to avoid the risk of increased damage and mold, you need expert cleanup and restoration to dry the structure and restore your building and contents to their pre-flood condition.

Extensive water damage to a commercial building impacts your property value and may interrupt your sales and service operations, order fulfillment, production, packaging, shipping, and other functions. That can lead to serious losses of revenues and profits. So, you need an experienced building rehab team to clean and restore your water-damaged business quickly and do the job right the first time.

Utah Flood Cleanup commercial water damage restoration specialists will assess the water damage on your property and provide you with a detailed cleanup and restoration plan and estimate quickly so that you can make the best decisions for your company.

Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

No matter how frequently and thoroughly you inspect your facilities, there are still numerous ways that water can flood your business. Heavy rains, internal broken pipes, public sewer backups, water heater leaks, toilet backups, fire extinguishing, and other events can cause extensive flooding in a commercial building. Such disasters can cause water damage, mold, interruption of operations, communications outages, revenue losses, and other serious consequences for a company.

Utah Flood Cleanup provides our commercial customers with a reliably quick response to flooding or other emergencies. We will communicate on your behalf to obtain all necessary approvals from your insurance company for the work to be done.

Basement Flooding Due to Rain

Even if you maintain your company’s plumbing system ideally and you’ve located your building(s) well away from flood risk zones, any of the various causes listed above may result in major flooding in your basement or main floor that can still affect your business at some point.

Even rain may be the indirect cause of problems that impact your facilities, despite your diligence in avoiding such catastrophes. If your basement or ground floor becomes flooded, you must be able to rely on emergency response to extract water or raw sewage and begin thorough industrial drying. Those actions will help you avoid more serious and longer-term damage and widespread mold infestation.

Utah Flood Cleanup Process

We have a more experienced and efficient team of flood cleanup and restoration specialists than any other water damage restoration companies in Utah. We will quickly restore your property to eliminate flood damage and minimize interruption of your operations. We use state-of-the-art technology for cleanup, industrial drying, and disinfection. We restore flooded commercial buildings by following this general process for rapid flood disaster rehabilitation:

Secure the Affected Area and Assess Damage

As soon as you authorize us to begin the flood damage mitigation process at your property, we will assess all the affected areas and determine the best plan of action.

Extract Water and Remove Saturated Materials

We extract water, remove and dispose of contaminated carpeting and padding, or apply drying and rehabilitation, if appropriate, and wet insulation, drywall, and other saturated materials.

Treatment for Mold Prevention

We apply approved child-safe and pet-safe antimicrobial agents to impacted areas to remove mold and bacterial growth and deodorize while decontaminating.

Structural Drying

We use industrial equipment for structural drying, and we monitor moisture levels to manage the drying process ideally, to protect the structure and prevent mold.

Personal Property Cleaning

We know that the contents of your business’s building(s) are there to serve your company’s mission. Our specialists are dedicated to decontaminating and saving every item possible.

Building Restoration

After water cleanup, drying, and decontamination are completed, our disaster restoration experts will begin reconstruction of the building structure, fixtures, and finishes to their pre-flood condition.

Be Prepared for Water Damage

The best way to address a commercial flooding emergency is to plan your response to it in advance. If your business serves customers and has employees on site, it is the top priority to restore safe and full operations as quickly as possible. Prepare your Emergency Readiness Plan using any of the many good online tools, or contact your local expert business emergency planner at Utah Flood Cleanup for advice on efficient preparations for emergency management.

Water Damage Restoration for Business

Our flood cleanup and restoration specialists have many years of experience in the industry. We know what is necessary to clean and dry and restore all impacted areas as efficiently as possible to deliver top-quality flood cleanup and restoration workmanship for your company.

If your business is flooded, call Utah Flood Cleanup at (801) 416-2666 for urgent help, or contact us here online for information about our commercial flood rehabilitation services.

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